Great Salt Desert

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a salt desert in north central Iran

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Iranian TV showed a missile launched in desert terrain, probably the firing range in the Great Salt Desert south of Tehran.
By Linda Hales Somewhere past Tehran, beyond the void known as the Great Salt Desert, Brian Murphy arrived at a field of wild madder.
Before a C-130 or a helicopter ever touched down in the Dasht-a-Kavir, Iran's Great Salt Desert as part of a U.S.
On leaving California, Smith and two of his men became the first men other than Indians to cross the Sierra Nevada and the Great Salt Desert from west to east.
The Air Force radio operator was one of the lucky few C-130 aircrew members to survive a ghastly collision and explosion between his aircraft and a helicopter on Iran's Great Salt Desert. The accident took place after the rescue team was forced to abort its mission at a location from then on known as Desert One.
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