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From Alpena to Ypsilanti, the three-man crew from the Emmy-award-winning PBS television series Under the Radar Michigan has been rolling into towns across the Great Lakes State for four seasons.
He added, “Industrial Leaders welcomes companies all over the Great Lakes State to join our community of manufacturers looking to buy and sell all kinds of custom machined parts, CNC precision components, custom fabricated items, castings and other made-to-order products for many different applications.
Part III addresses the role of Great Lakes states in permitting wind turbines.
We are the Great Lakes State, and as Speaker Pro Tern of the Michigan House of Representatives, I along with my colleagues, are determined to keep it that way.
One company she visited with high hopes is Toyota, where she gave her spiel for the virtues of locating in the Great Lakes State.
Alan and Margaret Holman bring their years of experience as teachers, scientists, and museum curators at Michigan State University to this gem of a guidebook to the wonders of the Great Lakes State.
In 1994, the Great Lakes State sold its workers' compensation agency, and employers' insurance rates fell the next year.
In the Midwest, for example, several states participate in the Great Lakes State Tax Compact.
In future issues of Michigan History, you will find this one-page article about someone who has left an impression on the Great Lakes State and who we believe has a story worth sharing.
However, on Friday, both credit unions called off the pending consolidation, which would have made LMCU the largest cooperative in the Great Lakes state and one of the top 20 credit unions by assets and members in the nation.
of Wisconsin-Platteville) presents some 300 old and new narratives from seven native peoples in the Great Lakes state.
This appendix describes the analytical procedures used to project the status of schools in the Great Lakes state toward meeting AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) requirements from 2005 to 2014.
While direct drilling for oil on the Great Lakes is prohibited by all states, Michigan is the sole Great Lakes state that permits directional drilling for oil and gas under the Great Lakes from the shoreline.
Indeed, water pollution is making waves in every coastal and Great Lakes state.
The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign has announced the full schedule for Congressman Ron Paul's three-day visit to the Great Lakes state.
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