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a constellation to the southeast of Orion

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I did not tell him to go away because he has been here many times before, and because the dog-boy told me that if I told him to go away, that great dog would immediately slay me.
Now Vixen-baba would have jumped through the window, and that Great Dog would have slain me with his muzzled mouth.
Twice a day, Noel will lead the way on The Great Dog Walk, the perfect opportunity for visitors to get some exercise with their dog, explore the surroundings and raise money for charity.
If you hunt ducks and upland birds they are a great dog.
It is said that while a hunter may have many good dogs in his lifetime, he will be lucky to have one great dog.
If you have a great dog recipe, send it to us and we can share it with our readers.
He's a great dog and has served the force incredibly well.
But she is a great dog, and I know that when I call her, she will always, always show up in her favorite doghouse.
She was a great dog, she had been through a lot with me, ups and downs through my career - you will have me crying in a minute.
He was a great dog, whose only misdeed was to eat our father's portion of chopped liver that had been plated on the table in anticipation on our return from Friday night services.
I am sorry for the loss of Monty, he was a great dog.
There are great dog walking places nearby, including Halkyn Mountain or along the River Dee, so this is just doggy heaven.
Well, here at FS we have our own version of that expression: "In front of every great sportsman is a great dog.
This exciting, moving book is much more than just a great dog story.
We've had her for years and she's been a great dog.