Great Dividing Range

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a mountain range running along the eastern coast of Australia

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The northern transect commenced at Gatton, the only site east of the Great Dividing Range.
Both are located on the southeastern coast of the continent between the ocean and the Great Dividing Range.
Sitting up near the top of the Great Dividing Range, between the mountains and the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest encompasses approximately 1,200 square kilometres, from the Daintree River north to Cooktown and west to the Great Dividing Range.
The topography of the region is diverse ranging from the eastern highlands of the Great Dividing Range, including the Illawarra Escarpment in the north, and Mt Kosciusko and the snow fields in the south west, and a beautiful coastline that includes many areas covered in rainforest.
The Great Dividing Range, with the Blue Mountains at its core, presented a formidable obstacle to any expansion into the interior.
Adjoining the Great Dividing Range, it boasts vast serene bushland, spectacular cliffs and gorges, wilderness areas, waterfalls, and rivers.
Over the next few months these initiatives will really start coming into play--raising crucial awareness of the holistic failure of environmental laws along the Great Dividing Range and mobilising communities across the country.