Great Divide

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that part of the continental divide formed by the Rocky Mountains in the United States

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Of the 1,560 wild horses that were gathered, 725 were removed from the Salt Wells Creek HMA, 513 from the Adobe Town HMA and 322 from the Great Divide Basin HMA.
The cogs started turning for us when Great Divide came out.
Cyclist and trail researcher McCoy presents this comprehensive guide to the Great Divide trail, an unpaved bike route along the continental divide from Banff, Alberta, to the bottom of New Mexico.
Chequered past brought back to life Family home that has enjoyed a very varied history Page 4-5 Take advantage of a distinguished dwelling Benefiting from many original design elements Page 6 Impressive house with period styling Original features abound in this 18th century property Pages 7 From barn to a rural refuge Sought-after setting in three acres of land Page 9 Potential for creating the great divide Perfect opportunity for housing an extended family Pages 16 Property Expert Government scheme provides a boost for would-be buyersPages 23 EDITED by Alison Jones Tel: 0121 234 5028.
Global Banking News-July 20, 2011--Connacher Oil and Gas Initiates SAGD+ Project at Great Divide Oil Sands Algar Pad 203(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
BRIAN JACQUES Mother, go into the kitchen, Mother bring me ale and cakes Mother switch on the radio, It's time for Brian Jacques Once upon a time back in the sweltering days before the flood when children's ideas of fun and games were shaped by Hollywood A ragged band of Cowboys and Indians crossed the great divide from Lambeth Road they swaggered and strode and soon were safe inside Stanley Park, the home of bowling greens, orderly gardens, lakes and ducks and mud A young boy stood and looked up at the sandstone wall And from somewhere far away a siren voice began to call An artist's palette of colours gave him an inspiration And a talent to amuse and educate became his life's vocation By Brian O'Connell, Aintree Village
Bryan Baltzell of Great Divide Brewing in Denver also credits proximity and personal relationships with fostering the state's beer culture, and laments the potential loss.
RICHARD DUNNE is convinced Aston Villa can cross the great divide and break into the top four in the Barclays Premier League this season.
Yet Adam Lallana seemed to have bridged the great divide as he struck for six minutes after the break, curling his inch-perfect right-foot shot over Maik Taylor and into the top corner.
International Resource News-10 July 2009-Connacher Oil Announces Production Update from Great Divide Pod One Facility(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
No, it highlights the great divide between workers on a fixed rate and those greedy ministers who are lining their pockets from the taxes paid by those workers.
6 Bcf/d, extends from a connection with EnCana's 32-mile, 24-inch diameter Great Divide Gathering System near Parachute, CO northward through the heart of the Piceance Basin to Enterprise's 1.
Sai's closeness with the cook draws the disapprobation of Sai's tutor, an anglophilic spinster, who opines, "It was important to draw the lines properly between classes or it harmed everyone on both sides of the great divide.
ON BEHALF of all mobile pensioners, may I thank Chepstow, Hexham and York for their appreciation of the great divide reflected in their admission concessions on Saturday, October 7.
The great divide in our species is between those who desire to maintain life on Earth and those eager for an afterlife.