Great Britain

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a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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Seven Deerness tumblers have also been representing Great Britain in the recent World Tumbling Championships.
I'd not long had my little boy, Sonny, and it broke my heart to be disqualified, but then I found Miss Great Britain and was so happy I could still get myself into one of the top competitions.
This high end fashion show will rock Great Britain from 7:30PM - 10:00PM in Corinthian, a local grand fashion club.
The Government of Great Britain hopes Ukraine will have new economic acquisitions and expresses readiness to provide further assistance to your country, assured the Ambassador of Great Britain.
Miss Great Britain International entrants must be aged 19-29 and Miss Teen International Great Britain must be between 13-18.
But then confusion reigned in the Japan camp when, following Uchimura's shaky pommel horse showing, Great Britain was placed above them in the final standing, immediately submitting a review.
About Make it in Great Britain: Make it in Great Britain is a campaign that will challenge outdated perceptions and transform the image of modern manufacturing.
Plus, you will also get a Union flag supporter's air horn, so you can blast Great Britain to victory
99 HOW TO CLAIM: To claim your free Great Britain Supporter's Kit visit www.
Hills - Group A: 10-11 Great Britain, 7-4 Uruguay, 5 Senegal, 14 UAE.
This is not a matter of if, but when, Fifa makes the home nations combine to make a Great Britain team in the World Cup and European Championship.
In his other letter of June 23 regarding the four home nations forming a Great Britain in the Olympic football tournament, I would totally disagree.
THE International Rugby Board have confirmed that a Great Britain sevens team will have to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in its own right.
WOULD-BE jewellery designers are being given the opportunity to create the unique design which will crown the head of Miss Great Britain 2010 at the final in November.
Synopsis: Americans rate Great Britain (36%) just ahead of Canada (29%) when asked to choose which country is the most valuable U.
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