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a constellation outside the zodiac that rotates around the North Star

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The Bruce Lake Project comprises 4,250 acres and is located south east of the Dixie Project of Great Bear Resources and the Camping Lake Project comprises 6,250 acres and ties directly on to the south east of the Packwash Project of Great Bear Resources.
READ: Great Bear Resources hails more drilling success at Dixie project, Red Lake
Chris Taylor, President and CEO of Great Bear said, 'When I first heard of the Dixie project almost 10 years ago, what we now call the Dixie Limb was the only known significant gold zone on the property.
The Confederation Assemblage and the Balmer Assemblage host the high-grade gold mineralization at Great Bear Resources' Dixie Project and Pure Gold's Madsen property, respectively.
Buyer: Great Bear DSP Investment LLC and Great Bear PA Investment LLC, entities related to Linvill Properties, Burnsville
At the beginning of 2018, the Cumberland County company added the Great Bear Golf Club in Monroe County to its management portfolio.
Her index finger traced these shapes and I saw with wide eyed wonder how a group of seven stars changed into 'Dubbe Akbar' or Ursa Major (the Great Bear).
Most live in a remote area of Canada called the Great Bear Rainforest (see Coastal Home, below).
Stretching along the Pacific coast from Vancouver Island to southeast Alaska, the Great Bear Rainforest is the largest intact temperate rainforest left anywhere in the world.
Two cases are compared: (1) past and contemporary contestation over logging, mining, and wilderness use in Tasmania and (2) past forestry disputes in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest and more recent conflict over oil-tanker traffic along its channels and coast that would have arisen if the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline had been constructed.
What is the Latin name for the constellation Great Bear? 8.
And at the moment there are three that are quite easy to find - the Great Bear, the Lion and the Swan.
As the core representatives from, respectively, the North American logging industry, Canada's First Nations, and environmental non-governmental organisations (ENGOs), they had between them been fighting over the fate of Canada's northwest coast and the world's largest tract of temperate rainforest--the Great Bear.
The largest lag was found at the Great Bear River monitoring location, since water temperature at this site is strongly influenced by the heat storage of Great Bear Lake.