Great Australian Bight

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a wide bay of the Indian Ocean in southern Australia

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BP had signed a contract with the company in 2013 for its harsh environment ultra-deep water semi, the Ocean GreatWhite and had intended to use the rig on the Great Australian Bight campaign.
Illustrating why oil's big guns are pushing ahead with high-risk exploration in the Great Australian Bight basin, consultants Wood Mackenzie have estimated the region contains a potential resource of 1.9 billion barrels of oil equivalent, worth $84 billion ($130 billion) at the current depressed prices.
The fleet of 12 matched Clipper 70 ocean racers had a stopover in Albany, Western Australia last November, before sailing east across the Great Australian Bight, around Tasmania and onto Sydney so as to take part as the Clipper fleet in the 2013 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.
We have gas plays in Asia and the Middle East, and deepwater possibilities in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, from Africa to South America, the South China Sea and the Great Australian Bight.
The reserves will protect an impressive array of globally unique ecosystems, including the majestic seamounts off the east coast, the mysterious deep waters of the Diamantina Fracture Zone and the waters of the Great Australian Bight. The internationally renowned reefs of the Great Barrier, the Coral Sea, including Marion Reef and Bougainville Reef, which attract divers from all over the world, are the gems of the reserve network.
19 teams will participate in this year's event, which will start on August 27th in Ceduna, SA, on the Great Australian Bight and finish in Darwin, NT, in the Top End on September 8th.
Another cold front will approach this area from the Great Australian Bight late Friday night, bringing the chance of rain.
Melbourne, May 29 (ANI): A trainee pilot was suspended from flying after an incident in which he blacked out for 55 minutes and overshot the Parafield airport, heading out to the Great Australian Bight.
They also examined scientific and historical references to handfishes and their classification, and discovered similarities between a handfish from the Great Australian Bight and a 50-million-year-old fossil at the Pesciara Cave deposits at Monte Bolca in Northern Italy.
Would the Great Australian Bight be called a bay, a lake, or a sea if it were located in the U.S.?
The British media have affectionately labelled him 'the boy from Streaky Bay' in tribute to his home town, tucked away on the shores of the Great Australian Bight a few hundred miles west of Adelaide, and McEvoy laughs when the subject comes up.
Abstract--The vertical and horizontal movements of southern bluefin tuna (SBT), Thunnus maccoyii, in the Great Australian Bight were investigated by ultrasonic telemetry.
Clouds come primarily from eastward-moving upper-level disturbances or weakening cold fronts blown in from the Great Australian Bight in the south.
Steve Chesley of NASA, the meteor was about as big as a small car when it entered Earth's atmosphere and released energy ( as powerful as a small nuclear bomb before crashing into the Great Australian Bight Bay.