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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Mexican descent

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The book address topics such as The Black Legend, banditos, greasers, Zorro, and oloose womeno both thematically and chronologically in order to document the role of Latinos, including Spanish-Mexican Jews, in the conquest of the territory west of the Mississippi.
Their love develops at Rydell High School when Danny is leader of the "greasers" and Sandy has to overcome her image as a good girl.
Then the floor exploded into colour as the show began, the stage filled with the greasers, girls and nerds of Rydell High School.
Pontypridd men were engine room stokers or donkey greasers, cooks or catering from Whitchurch/Llandaff, carpenters from Penarth or Fairwater.
Elsewhere, you might suffer collateral damage at any time from being caught up in one of the running battles between greasers and rockers or farm boys and fishermen.Now it comes down to no bumping.
Even though he attended high school in New York during the 1950's and the heyday of the Yankees of the Bronx, the Dodgers of Brooklyn and the Giants of New York, my father was a member of the "greasers," later immortalized by Danny Zucco, Arthur Fonzerilli and James Dean.
CUTLINE: The greasers of Rydell High (from left) Kinicki (sophomore Quentin Harrington) Danny (Josh Brenner, grade 8) and Roger (Ryan Walsh, grade 7) meet for the first time since summer break at rehearsal for the musical "Grease" last week.
"After 18 years of independence, it is clear that there is no goodwill among some vessel owners to train Namibians to become engineers, skippers, bosons, greasers and deck officers," it added.
In a scene from just 30 years ago, siblings share a bedroom in Bradford; Kids smash up a car in a recently demolished Birmingham street in the 70s; A relaxing day out together at the seaside three decades ago; Ban the bomb protest, Aldermaston, 60s; It only takes one man to spoil the fun as the ladies go for the burn on the beach in 70s Southend; Teddy boys show off in Consett, Co Durham, 30 years ago; Punk girl in 70s London; Browsing at Paddy's Market in Liverpool in the 70s; Greasers outside a London amusement arcade in 1958
He disputes the value of the law to stabilize and civilize frontier California, which seems less important when the stories of racialized lynching of "greasers" are told.
Hinton's classic young adult novel about the tension between two groups, the Greasers and the Socs.
Things only become stranger, as Francois grapples with two violent greasers, a corrupt mayor, a pair of innkeepers who may or may not be dead, a masked mechanic, a teddy bear named Raymond and, ultimately, sinister experiments in a deserted factory outside town.
Greasers, preppy types and Teddy Boys (1950s): The birth of the teenager saw young people's fashions influenced by film, television, magazines and rock music.
Lubriquip's Trabon and Manzel brands of automatic oilers and greasers are supplied as standard equipment on processing equipment.