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someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles

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Quickly, the grease monkeys -- almost all men, incidentally -- who assembled contraptions in their basements were competing against guys with gangs of employees spending all year and tens of thousands on killer robots.
Call'em flangeheads or grease monkeys, but these denizens of the deepest recesses of a ship are the heart and soul of every sea-going vessel.
But Simmons - who is being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading - dismissed the experts as "grease monkeys", "charlatans" and "ageing mechanics who go home at night in an Austin Marina".
And John Turturro, Lili Taylor and Will Patton star in writer-director Brandon Coles "OK Garage," a revenge piece involving shady grease monkeys.
Meanwhile time is precious but everything has to wait for the Mersey Derby in The Match, by Liverpool writer Mari Lloyd West Derby-based James Hornby has penned Grease Monkeys about a clueless and directionless biker gang which has to work out how to handle an officious looking interloper.
Why no one else has thought to check the CCTV footage from outside the Grease Monkeys restaurant is anybody's guess - particularly as it's pointing straight at the garage, where anybody who tampered with the Parkers' car would have been seen.
A GROUP of Warwickshire teenagers are considering careers as "grease monkeys" after turning their backs on crime.
The crews and casts of major productions like Doctors, Grease Monkeys, Dalziel and Pascoe and the Afternoon Plays will relocate to this versatile and cost-effective site.
'My character in Grease Monkeys is nothing like Danny or me, I hope.
While taking a break from Holby, Sheffield played one of the many love interests of Liza Tarbuck's Linda Green, a "sleazy, racist, bare-knuckle fighter" in BBC 3's Grease Monkeys, and a man who loses his memory in one of the BBC's Afternoon Plays.
Grease Monkeys is the latest addition to the schedules.
But he'll have to look over his shoulder when he stars in Grease Monkeys, a new BBC3 drama series in which he plays a dangerously dodgy car mechanic.
Stand up Ben Elton with his Grease-style tale of grease monkeys, rock 'n' roll excess and tight trousers.
'Manufacturing is not about spit and sawdust and oil and grease monkeys. The only thing is guaranteed is change, and it will become more high tech.
Well, they don't have a three- wheel Trotter-mobile, but the Asian family in Grease Monkeys do run a garage.