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an intermediate area


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PSA level of 4-10 ng/ml is a diagnostic gray zone and greater than10 ng/ml strongly sug-gests prostate cancer.4 But as a diagnostic dilemma, PSA level Less than4 ng/ml has also been found among pros-tate cancer patients and elevated level i.e., greater than4 ng/ml is also associated with many benign prostatic condi-tions especially with nodular hyperplasia of pros-tate (NHP), which is a common occurrence in men over 50 years.5 Therefore, attempts have been made to improve its diagnostic specificity including age adjustment, gland volume adjustment and serial measurement.
He labeled such situations--for example, where members of the Jewish Councils or Jewish police in the ghettos were required to implement Nazi policies and participate in selections of their fellow Jews for transport to the camps, or where members of the Sonderkommandos worked the camps' crematoria in exchange for short-term survival and privileges--the "gray zone," where the oppressed and their oppressors "are bonded together by the wish to preserve and consolidate established privilege vis-a-vis those with- out privilege." (12) This "gray zone of protekcja and collaboration," Levi writes, "possesses an incredibly complicated internal structure and contains within itself enough to confuse our need to judge." (13)
If he needs $50,000 a year, however, he falls into the Gray Zone. If he needs $ 100,000 a year, he's in the Red Zone.
Simsek said they were planning to sign similar tax agreements with other countries who emerged out of the gray zone like Switzerland and Austria.
He examines the social and political logics and processes that organized the wave of lootings, locating them in what he calls "the gray zone of state power."
We tested the value of the gray zone approach to the diagnosis of heart failure in dyspneic patients by use of a brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) [4] assay.
If there's a vague or gray zone, we always favor providing nutrition and hydration.
Jim Puffer, M.D., current executive director of the American Board of Family Medicine and former chief of the Division of Sports Medicine at UCLA, kicked off the conference with an outstanding keynote/Grand Rounds presentation on "The Athletic Heart: Current Concepts and Controversies." The cutting-edge material presented was fascinating and I was particularly interested with his work in the area of PET scanning, which is evolving as a modality that may elucidate the "gray zone" of athletic heart versus hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
If the tone at the top of an organization is that failure to meet a quarterly sales or return target would be 'unforgivable,' then line managers often feel forced to enter the 'gray zone."'
Gann and his colleagues decided to differentiate the cancer risks among men in the "gray zone" where the PSA test results don't give a firm diagnosis.
Such products, a major revenue earner for foreign insurers operating in Japan, fall into the "third sector" gray zone between primary life and nonlife insurance.
This large gray zone will come into increasing focus with the introduction of more lifestyle' drugs.
"The exciting therapeutic advances of the last few years would have remained in a gray zone," said Dr.
And among consensus and community builders, there are few rights or wrongs, merely the vast gray zone of belief systems.