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an intermediate area


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He pointed out that if the 'gray areas' are clarified, it will prevent trouble between the labor and management, which means vetoing the bill is a 'friendly' move for both sides.
We would like to be as deliberate and certain about the IRR, covering the areas and addressing its gray areas. So it will be prudent to ensure that we would take more time at least within the minute of one hundred and eighty days,' Duque said.
Second, and more importantly, replacing the focus on figuring out what the right thing actually is with a focus on strategizing about how to get the right thing done, shifts from "thou shalt not" to "can do." Rather than sidestepping the gray areas, this crucial transformation can illuminate and convert many of them into much clearer decisions.
of Irvine, Calif., an expert in construction-risk management, will help answer that question as moderator of the "Addressing the Gray Areas of Going Green" panel at PCBC The Premier Building Show May 30-June 1 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.
* Implying that gray areas of the law have been settled: Federal courts have split over the question of "student-initiated" prayer at school events such as graduation, assemblies and sporting matches.
Not only are moderates trampled underfoot, but the great gray areas where life is actually lived, the areas of ambiguity and tradeoffs between competing values, are rendered toxic to human habitation.
The book is required reading in these ethically challenging times and a must for anyone who navigates the organizational landscape through long patches of murky gray areas. Records and information management professionals will recognize aspects of their own characters and learn the value of such options as buying more time for a response, drilling down through a problem's multiple layers, and assessing when to spend political capital wisely.
Do you know where the gray areas cease to exist and where things are entirely black and white?
Even the most felonious of these works was institutionalized by comforting wall text assuring viewers that "far from glorifying illegal behavior, these artists seek to illuminate the gray areas where our belief in freedom of expression clashes with the necessary control that government must wield." Fortunately, a good portion of the art was more potent than this pallid civics lesson.
The book reduces a number of complex gray areas to simplistic black and white, making the volume's title, ironically, more apt than the authors may have intended.
Occasionally there will be gray areas in the law, such as determining when a killing might be in self-defense.
The TRA '97 more clearly defined treatment in some specific cases, but many gray areas still exist.
When I testified before the KQED board's Media Policy Committee with Ben Bagdikian and Norman Solomon, I said that my participation in the code-writing process had taught me that there are many gray areas in journalism ethics.
There are also numerous "gray areas" where available codes do not exactly describe the services rendered.