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Synonyms for grasp

Synonyms for grasp

to take firmly with the hand and maintain a hold on

to perceive directly with the intellect

an act or means of holding something

firm control


a strong or powerful influence


the ability or power to seize or attain

Synonyms for grasp

understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something

the limit of capability

an intellectual hold or understanding


Related Words

hold firmly

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Flexible grasper forceps placed through the flexible scope to trap the beak.
Upon completion of knot tying, the suture should be cut and the grasper used to again grab the suture a few centimeters from the needle.
Another grasper was introduced through the medial cannula for holding Hartmann's pouch and for manipulating it.
Hartford men's football coach Dan Grasper is excited about the prospect of working with the Blaydon-born striker.
Bir calisma portundan fleksibil grasper (Roticulator Endo Grasp [TM] 5 mm, Autosuture, Covidien, Norwalk, CT, ABD) girildi.
That Grasper, bears another name, "Kumara." The one (i.e., the deity Kumara as opposed to the Grasper Kumara) who possesses (engages in) child's play, that god was born from Rudra and Agni.
An easy-tilt bracket with swivel clevis is the most recent refinement to the Model 476 steel cord spool grasper. The ergonomic, easy-tilt bracket is said to provide a smooth 90 [degrees] transition of spools from the spool carton to the loading position/orientation.
Standard laparoscopic equipment includes long instruments (hook, grasper, and scissor), a hook with attached light cable, a rigid endoscope (5-10 mm), and a standard endoscopic tower (camera, light source, and monitor).
For example, "Making the World" contains "Crayfish (Earth Diver)," "Turtle (Earth Grasper)," "Mukat," "Sedna," "Hare," and "Star," each creation story centering upon the being in the title as the significant entity in explaining how the world was made.
The Medici lord to whom Machiavelli dedicated and submitted his treatise was not a "political man" (in his sense): he was a corrupt grasper after his state.
The physicians used an instrument with miniature scissors and a grasper to tie the knot, he says.
A specialist lifting gantry was used to move the heavy rocks and boulders and access to the pup was secured with a grasper before it was placed in a "vari-kennel".
The most common case for gallbladder perforation was dissection followed by the application of tooth grasper to the gallbladder.
The grasper jaws can open to 12.5 mm, making it easy for surgeons to grasp and manipulate tissue while providing both ratcheted and non-ratcheted capabilities.