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(computer science) an electronic device that converts information in memory to video output to a display

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Supplier of semiconductor products Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) and SMSC, a supplier of semiconductor solutions, have announced that they have implemented SMSC's Media Local Bus (MediaLB) technology in Fujitsu's graphics controller, the MB86R01, otherwise known as 'Jade'.
The graphics controller is now an important component and how you plan to use the PC will help you decide what kind of controller to choose.
Planar's DA4 architecture is designed to connect to multiple graphics controllers to support multiple head configurations and provide the versatility to view multi-modality studies.
ATI FireGL V3400 graphics controller boards will be offered with Planar's Dome series: E2, E2c, E3, E3c and E4c, as well as the P1 Bundle and P2 Bundle, providing the ultimate in 3D acceleration capability.
The systems will be used in the engineering and production test of next-generation video graphics controllers used in LCD and HDTV applications.
Its high performance DX9-class graphics controller from ATI delivers an impressive multimedia user experience.
As part of the EPSON family of companies, and in keeping with EPSON's emphasis and reputation as a quality supplier of low-power semiconductors, the Vancouver Design Center's focus is on developing the world's best low-power LCD graphics controller chips for customers designing mobile and embedded systems products.
The Evo N610c delivers superior graphics performance by using the ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics controller with 32 MB of Dynamic Data Rate SDRAM, which handles intensive 2D and 3D graphics tasks required by CAD and multimedia applications.
EPSON EUROPE ELECTRONICS GmbH (EEG) and EPSON ELECTRONICS AMERICA (EEA) today unveiled the S1C38000 system-on-chip (SoC), a single chip solution integrating an ARM720T processor core with EPSON's industry-leading S1D13706 (formerly SED1376) color/monochrome LCD graphics controller.
The new Compaq EvoNotebook N800 notebook PC features the MOBILITY RADEON 7500 graphics controller and other leading-edge components, including a Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor, up to a 60 GB hard drive, choice of up to 15" panels including UXGA+ resolution, various optical drives including a DVD/CD-RW combo drive and USB 2.
Epson Research and Development Vancouver Design Center (ERDVDC), a world leader in energy-saving graphics controller chips for embedded systems and handheld devices, announced that its popular line of LCD Controllers are now supported by HandEra's QVGA Application Program interface (API) set.