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any of numerous woody vines of genus Vitis bearing clusters of edible berries

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The trials were conducted with grape vine (Vitis vinifera) seedlings with four different materials, as follows: three cultivars (Italia, Crimson seedless and Sugraone) and a selection from the Active Germplasm Bank of Embrapa Grape and Wine (Selecao 8), cultivated in polyethylene bags (0.
Glazed double doors open off into the garden room with its doors to the garden, and the mighty grape vine.
Grape vines flourish in most soil conditions because their roots never waterlogged: Stony soil, sandy soil, even clay soil as long as drainage is good, are all ideal for viticulture as grape vine cultivation is correctly known.
The press itself is a shallow clay basin about three feet (one metre) in diameter, surrounded by grape seeds and dried-out grape vines.
In mid-August, Napa County Agricultural Commissioner Dave Whitmer announced stunning progress against the European Grape Vine Moth (EGVM): "The situation today is quite different than it was only months ago.
The garden comprises all the plant species mentioned in the Koran and those in the Hadith and the Sunnah; these plant species belong to three main ecological groups: desert plants, including bitter gourd, tamarisk, Christ's thorn, toothbrush tree, senna, henna and camel's hay; Mediterranean plants : olive, common grape vine, fig tree, wheat, barley, black cumin, mustard, saffron, safflower, onion, garlic, watermelon and pomegranate; and tropical plants : agallocum, wild ginger and camphor tree.
There was one area which had obviously been put aside for building work and I found apple and plum trees and even a grape vine growing in the corner.
THE NEW VITICULTURE tells of the author's experiences working with Monterey, California grape-growing conditions--a very different atmosphere for development--and tells of his move from apple growing to grape vine applications.
com where you'll find this great wooden Grape Vine Wine Rack.
He had just finished unwinding the wild grape vine binding the
Lake Forest, CA, has filed for patent protection for the manufacturing method and the use of its latest innovation--Reversitall--an extract from a blend of red wine, Muscadine grapes, grape cluster stems and grape vine.
As a rule of thumb, wine grape vine rows are spaced nine feet apart, with vines spaced between six and eight feet from each other within the row.
G'VINE, a gin-based spirit distilled from grapes and flavored with green grape vine flowers, debuts in the U.
No matter if you have a nice-sized garden plot, or just a five-gallon pail near a window, I encourage you to try growing a nourishing, magical, healing grape vine.
Each grape vine receives Fanti's individualised attention many times throughout the season.