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a tiny grain

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(now doing business as Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services) and Granules India Ltd., providing small molecule intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing to the pharmaceutical industry.
"The proposed divestment of our 50 per cent stake in the joint venture aligns with our focus on strengthening our core area of business," said Granules India Chairman and Managing Director Krishna Prasad Chigurupati.
The FDA is expected to make a decision on the approval of the proposed new dosage form of granules in packets in 2020.
Concentrated TCM granules carry forward the TCM theory of "treatment based on syndrome differentiation and modification based on symptoms", ensure the quality of TCM drugs and are convenient to use, aligning with the trend of Chinese medicine modernisation.
Traditional roofing granules protect the asphalt layer of the shingles from solar UV degradation and must be durable enough to withstand the elements of natural weathering for the lifetime of the roof.
Next, a binder is sprayed on to the powder, causing the particles to stick together and form granules. This occurs via a stage-wise process of moistening and solidifying to give rise to agglomerates.
Using static laser light-scattering technology, the researchers characterized the granule size distribution of waxy native maize starch when it was subjected to heating at constant temperatures of 65 C, 70 C, 75 C, 80 C, 85 C and 90 C.
Regardless, small-sized bone graft granules invisibly prolong the time for fiber joint formation between bone granules and end-plate due to severe bone lamella structural damage, rendering repair and reconstruction rather slow.14-16 By inducing slight bone-bone interface motion, lumbar motion after surgery is bad for bone trabecula rebuilding and repair.17 Then slow repair aggravates the bone-bone interface motion, forming a vicious circle.18,19
Tegument covered with abundant, fine translucent setae and rounded granules. Anterior margin straight, lateral margins not parallel, narrowing anteriorly; posterior margin procurved.
In this paper, we devise a strategy that allows us to characterize the local interactions between granules and CaVs.
Considering that pasteurizing the sausages takes place at a relatively low temperature (70-72[degrees]C), there is always a risk that the granules of any other starch would be unable to gelatinate in such conditions and efficiently bind water [6].
Caption: Figure 5: SEM images of silica-coated granules according to a reaction time of (a) 0.5 hr, (b) 2hr, and (c) 4hr and broken pieces after calcination in the inset.
The operation featured the first export shipment of sulfur granules from Mina Al-Ahmadi's Pier 30, on the vessel LADY AMNA, capacity of 32,000 tons, KNPC's CEO Mohammad Al-Mutairi.
Keywords: absorption, effective granule porosity, foam-glass granules, granule surface structure, porous space reserve.