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a child of your son or daughter

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In the yards were all the children and grandchildren of these eleven elders and they were of all sizes, from well-grown hens to tiny chickens just out of the shell.
She wished to give her grandchildren a treat on the Sunday.
I always complain and am always dissatisfied, but thank God the grandchildren are all nice and healthy, and we can still live.
There they all are, a very jolly party--he and she and the two grandchildren.
I constantly see old people flushed and excited by the prospect of some anticipated pleasure which altogether fails to ruffle the tranquillity of their serene grandchildren.
I wish I knew--but it is best for no one to write to me--how Mr and Mrs Plornish prosper in the business which my dear father bought for them, and that old Mr Nandy lives happily with them and his two grandchildren, and sings all his songs over and over again.
Grandparents who are raising their grandchildren are often middle-aged, married, working, living at or above the poverty level and caring for young children.
It helps grandparents and grandchildren know each other at a whole other level," says Paula Bonner, president of the Wisconsin Alumni Association.
ISABELLE Boardman has so many grandchildren, they have to visit in shifts.
Financial parenting is the process of clients taking the time to educate children and grandchildren about the financial and social responsibilities that come with money.
Almost 80 percent of grandparents say their adult grandchildren motivate them to stay healthy, according to a new survey commissioned by Humana Inc.
She has 49 grandchildren, 44 great grandchildren, six great-great-grandchildren and even three great-greatgreat-grandchildren.
All your loving children, Mary, Franny, Ada, Clare, Christine, Terry, Leo, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
In addition to her loving grandchildren, "Nanny" is survived by nine great grandchildren: Jeremy, Rachel, Junior, Cameron, Haydn, Gavin, Choen, Cora, and Ella; and one great-great grandchild Adrian.