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a jury to inquire into accusations of crime and to evaluate the grounds for indictments

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McCulloch and, more importantly, risks perpetuating a number of pernicious misconceptions about grand juries and the relationship of prosecutors to them.
Cohen closes by arguing that these changes, if enacted, will help grand juries perform their unique function of limiting the power of government's executive branch by standing between it and the citizen accused of crime.
We've been told that grand juries determine whether criminal charges, often subject to mandatory minimum sentences, should be brought against an accused person.
10) In addition, there were grand juries that refused to indict the Stamp Act rioters or to indict former Vice President Aaron Burr.
Federal grand juries consist of 23 people with 16 constituting a quorum.
Unlike regular juries, grand juries typically hear only a prosecutor's presentation of evidence, without rebuttal from the defense.
Historically, grand juries empowered citizens to combat overzealous criminal prosecution.
The history of grand jury secrecy and the interests underlying the secrecy rules reflect a consistent theme: grand juries are exclusively intended for use in the investigation and prosecution of crimes.
Nixon alumni who now rank among the elder statesmen and mentors of the Federalist Society and other institutions of the legal right with which Starr is so famously entangled-worked assiduously through the courts to expand the power of grand juries and draw the noose tighter around recalcitrant witnesses.
Although grand juries had considerable independence and were a major avenue for popular participation in the early Republic, their powers have dwindled.
A former TDHCA staff member said two federal grand juries are continuing to investigate the activities of other TDHCA board members and staff.
Numerous studies have shown that grand juries in the state and federal court systems almost always indict people after considering evidence presented to them by prosecutors in the secret proceedings.
Court officials Thursday said new special grand juries for criminal indictments will be convened at the district attorney's request.
He said grand juries exist to keep prosecutors from running amok and charging people without justification.
Court Executive Officer Mike Planet said two types of grand juries will be impaneled in the future - one for government oversight, another for criminal cases.