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an orange-flavored French liqueur

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Godiva liqueur, Gran Marnier and brandy was added to coffee in a clear glass that sat inside a metal cup holder.
Sainsbury's: Sainsbury's Whole Leg of Lamb half price at pounds 3.99/k; Sainsbury's Mild Smoked Salmon (360g) half price at pounds 4.99; McVitie's Christmas Black Forest Yule Logs/McVitie's Christmas Jamaica Ginger and Rum Cake/McVitie's Christmas Cranberry and Orange Gran Marnier Cake 2 for pounds 2.
Freshness especially is important when serving SolToro's $75 High Roller Margarita, made with Don Julio Real (an extra anejo that goes for $49 a shot on its own), Gran Marnier Cinquantenaire, lime juice, agave nectar and a sea salt rim, prepared and shaken tableside.
She nudged me towards the Gran Marnier version, big enough for both of us.
During the two-and-a-half-hour meal, I eat my way through a glittering array of sinful yet heavenly preparations cured foie gras au torchon with caramelized pears and a truffle vinaigrette, lingonberry foie gras draped in 24-karat gold foil, chocolate foie gras on Gran Marnier French toast--washed down with Sauternes.