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nouns or pronouns or adjectives (often marked by inflection) related in some way to other words in a sentence

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In (3b) the two constituents are again nouns but -e- does not represent the grammatical case (genitive ka).
Functions Performed by the Two Infixes: -e- and -o- As noted (3a) describes possession and -e- represents the grammatical case i.
rah-e g `the right path' (N) = h~q ki rah `the right path' (-e- represents the grammatical case i.
In Estonian, for instance, the ubiquitous syncretism and morphological overlapping between grammatical cases is compensated with various syntactic means (Blevins 2005; 2008; Grunthal 2001; 2007).
Local cases gain more and more functions that in other languages would be covered by grammatical cases.
Another instance of merger of grammatical cases with local cases is the Ablative in Hinuq, Bezhta and Hunzib.
It seems that this marker is just on its way to grammaticalize into a real grammatical case marker for all kinds of oblique verbal arguments such as addressees, recipients and experiencer, but also nonprototypical agents.
Macroroles are only assigned to core arguments, that is, arguments with no morphological marking as in Present-day English or marked by a grammatical case as in Old English, (4) in opposition to oblique arguments, which are introduced by argument-marking or argument-adjunct prepositions.
For a detailed discussion of the Old English grammatical case, see McLaughlin (1983), Mitchell (1985), Denison (1993), Allen (1995), and Fischer, van Kemenade, Koopman, and van der Wurff (2000).
He himself at least draws a distinction between people `understanding traditional sentential usages in a simpler way', `[GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and those `going through sentential syntax with absolute precision', `[GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]' (the syntax in question here is that of the different grammatical cases taken by different verbs: synt.
On the other hand, pronouns, although relatively few in number compared with nouns, tend not to follow simple, straightforward inflectional patterns analogous to one or other nominal inflection pattern, precisely because of their function--their role, in any grammatical case, of substituting for any noun (II 24, p.
15) Here Theon is, I believe, misinterpreting a Stoic ambiguity kind as embracing a subdivision of what was originally an Aristotelian ambiguity type: the subtype classifies ambiguities caused by absence of formal differentiation, by way of grammatical case, of different grammatical properties or functions--e.
Such a method of reconstruction of three grammatical cases of Uralic languages is both exceptional and remarkable.
It is not impossible, principally, that Selkup could have preserved the early system of plural grammatical cases supposed by L.
It is probably that once the absolute declension of all Northern Samoyedic languages included three grammatical cases with the following suffixes: