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a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram

Danish physician and bacteriologist who developed a method of staining bacteria to distinguish among them (1853-1938)

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Scott Fothergill then made it 3-1 before two late strikes by Brett Dodds and Grame Drinkald levelled the game at 3-3.
Grame Farrow, the man at the helm of the iconic venue nicknamed the "armadillo" for its unique shape, said the anniversary year would showcase a host of ambitious projects.
Police said that around 100 grame explosives were used in the blast.
Grame Barty: "Sustainability required to attract investors"
Grame Bampton, regional director for rail at Faithful + Gould, made the point that developing Jeddah's public infrastructure is tricky, due to its age and existing development, but added that it had advantages that other areas is its corniche and its coastal location.
at Grame, have studied the [lambda]-calculus (and functional programming) in order to show its capability to express musical functions and operations.
A new Grame Base book is always a treat as his beautifully rendered picture books delight both young and old.
But the half-time break failed to interrupt the Limerick charge and less than 20 seconds after the restart Grame Mulcahy goaled.
SHADES OF GLORY: England congratulate Grame Swann after dismissing Junaid Siddique
It's like a grame and other Russian kids to fetishize old punk culture," he says, "We want to mix it all together.
Askeri alanda yasanan degisimleri, Military Force(s) and Insecurity baslikli makaleyle irdeleyen Grame Cheeseman, guc politikalarinin dunya politikasinda suregelen bir ezber oldugunu kabul etmekle birlikte, uluslararasi iliskilerde donusumsel egilimlerin mevcut oldugunu ve bunun en iyi sekilde, tehditlerin kuresellesme karsisinda geleneksel goruntulerinden siyrilmasiyla askeri birliklerin geleneksel rollerinin otesine gecerek, gri alan operasyonlari cercevesinde yeni islevler ustlenmeleri ile ispatlandigini ortaya koymaktadir.
Grame Smith led the way with a typically aggressive 49 (42 balls, 8x4) while Watson finished the job with some mighty hitting (61 not out, 41 balls, 8x4, 2x6).
Rata (New Testament studies, Grame Theological Seminary, Indiana) examines the covenant motif in the Book of Comfort by Old Testament prophet Jeremiah.
ima rudraya tavase kapardine ksayadviraya pra bhara- mahe matih yatha sam asad dvipade catuspade visvam pustam grame asminn anaturam (56)