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An imaginative teacher, an anti-Mr Gradgrind, could have turned the lesson on a sixpence by allowing Cissy Jupe to open out the meaning of horses beyond their otherwise interesting feature of being graminivorous quadrupeds.
This change in employer-employee relations is a long way from Thomas Gradgrind, the character in Charles Dickens's Hard Times, whose attitude to his business and later life as a schoolteacher was pretty much that the floggings would continue until morale improved.
Hale argues that the tendency to see Darwin's influence exclusively in the context of social Darwinism and the unfettered capitalism endorsed by stereotypical Victorian industrialists of the Gradgrind school has caused us to miss its impact on the "new liberal" rejection of laissez-faire ideals and the further development of socialism in the final decades of the nineteenth century.
Martha's hectic cheeriness makes her an unlikely Gradgrind, though, and despite seeing through Ribbitt's ruse, she can't help admiring the frog's aspiration and cunning in this brightly written and illustrated story that's full of twists on the classic fairytale.
Gradgrind is the representative of widely prevalent and deeply pernicious ideas about man and society.
This paradoxical blend of rigidity and support is perhaps nowhere more clearly seen than in the lives of Louisa Gradgrind and Jane Eyre, protagonists in Charles Dickens's Hard Times and Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, respectively.
It was many many years ago that Charles Dickens delighted his audience with a critical and satirical view of the quantification of everything, personified in Thomas Gradgrind in Hard times (Dickens, 1961) who was a man 'with a rule and a pair of scales, and the multiplication table always in his pocket, sir, ready to weigh and measure any parcel of human nature, and tell you exactly what it comes to' (p.
This isn't a new way to treat employees - it is a throwback to the days of Gradgrind bosses and Victorian working conditions.
Gradgrind is not completely wrong; we need specialists who will be able to contribute to the work force and thus grow our economy For a democracy to thrive, though, we must invest in a humanities-infused education that will give students a well-rounded, critical education, enabling them to become better, more productive citizens, and this is where honors education can play a vital role.
Whether it's Isabel Archer's mysterious decision to return to slimy Gilbert Osmond or the resolve of Louisa Bounderby, nee Gradgrind, to chuck her heartless capitalist keeper in Dickens's Hard Times, the theme of female choice as reflected in this distant nineteenth-century mirror still rivets my attention.
Gradgrind in ''Hard Times'' ("The Good Samaritan was a Bad Economist'') seemed like a breath of fresh air.
Los excesos de esta orientacion han sido repetidamente satirizados por la literatura pedagogica, por ejemplo cuando a mediados del siglo diecinueve, Charles Dickens ponia en boca de Thomas Gradgrind la exigencia de que "a estos ninos y ninas no se les ensenen mas que hechos" (Dickens, 2010, p.
Thomas Gradgrind, that dreary caricature of a functionary headmaster of Charles Dickins' Hard Times, comes to look every day more like a visionary when set beside our educational experts.
Dickens presents the results of such excess brilliantly in Hard Times, where a much-shaken Mr Gradgrind appeals to his former model student, Bitzer, the prize pupil of McChoakumchild's grim utilitarian school:
I do not think most universities are led by a President Gradgrind or Dean Bounderby or humanities departments by a Professor Bitzer.