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There's a post-show discussion on May 2, an audio-described Paul Barnhill as Mr Sleary and the cast of Hard Times by Northern Vanessa Schofield as Louisa Gradgrind and Howard Chadwick as Josiah Bounderby in Hard Times by Northern Broadsides
Thomas Gradgrind will not permit fanciful thoughts in his school or his home.
In the northern town of Coketown, Thomas Gradgrind will not permit fanciful thoughts in his school or his home.
Brother and sister Louisa and Tom Gradgrind have been stuffed full of their father's education system since birth, facts and figures with not a storybook allowed in the house.
An analogy is drawn with Charles Dickens' character, Mr Thomas Gradgrind, who would have endorsed procedural teaching and abhorred teaching that encouraged understanding.
As yet there is no Gradgrind government quango, no Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Semi-Colons.
Stick to facts sir!" "Girl number twenty unable to define a horse." "Bitzer," said Thomas Gradgrind. "Your definition of a horse." "Quadruped.
Gradgrind' no longer fits the present picture of the world.
This change in employer-employee relations is a long way from Thomas Gradgrind, the character in Charles Dickens's Hard Times, whose attitude to his business and later life as a schoolteacher was pretty much that the floggings would continue until morale improved.
Hale argues that the tendency to see Darwin's influence exclusively in the context of social Darwinism and the unfettered capitalism endorsed by stereotypical Victorian industrialists of the Gradgrind school has caused us to miss its impact on the "new liberal" rejection of laissez-faire ideals and the further development of socialism in the final decades of the nineteenth century.
Martha's hectic cheeriness makes her an unlikely Gradgrind, though, and despite seeing through Ribbitt's ruse, she can't help admiring the frog's aspiration and cunning in this brightly written and illustrated story that's full of twists on the classic fairytale.
With which Dickens novel would you associate the character of Thomas Gradgrind? 11.
With which Dickens novel would Thomas Gradgrind? 11.