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As we see most of the Gradenigo's syndrome cases usually present with diplopia and ear discharge, patient usually will give importance for vision and goes to ophthalmologist first rather than otorhinolaryngologist, that is where the treatment delays, so it is the duty of the ophthalmologist who should immediately refer the case without delay to prevent complications.
Microbiological studies of Gradenigo's syndrome are difficult to perform and cultures are often negative.
Gradenigo's syndrome has been mostly treated by radical surgery, but there are some reports managing conservatively.
Gradenigo's syndrome is a rare complication of acute otitis media.
We report a case of petrositis presenting as the Gradenigo's syndrome secondary to acute otitis media which was treated successfully by ventilation tube insertion followed by anti-microbial therapy.
The diagnosis of the Gradenigo's syndrome was confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealing an infiltration of the right petrous apex with a hyperintense signal on T2-weighted images and heterogeneous enhancement of the right petrous bone as far as the apex (Fig.
There is no statistical data about the age distribution and the type of onset (acute versus chronic) of Gradenigo's syndrome.