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Marta Loiacono (Museo de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina) for the identification of Platygastridae; Don Davis (USDA-ARS Systematic Entomology Laboratory) for the identification of Gracillariidae (Lepidoptera) species, and Juan Briano (FuEDEI) for valuable comments and suggestions on the manuscript.
pubescens 10 -- P alba 20 100 Unidentified Gracillariidae P fiebrigii 3 4 Unidentified Gracillariidae or near P ruscifolia 26 36 Unidentified Gracillariidae?
Angelabella tecomae Vargas & Parra, 2005 (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae, Oecophyllembiinae) was described from northern Chile, where the native shrub "chuve", Tecoma fulva fulva (Cav.
stans were collected and carried to the laboratory where larvae of Gracillariidae were detected.
As especies de Bracon estao associadas a Coleoptera, Diptera e Lepidoptera (Quicke, 1997), as de Stiropius estao associadas a Gracillariidae e Lyonetiidae minadores (Whitfield, 1988) e as de Orgilus a Gelechiidae, Coleophoridae, Oecophoridae, Psychidae, Pyralidae, Gracillariidae e Tortricidae minadores (Achterberg, 1997).
Lepidopteros minadores Parasitoides FAMILIA/Especie FAMILIA: Especie (No de imaturos do minador) parasitados pela especie en questao GRACILLARIIDAE Phyllocnistis EULOPHIDAE: Closterocerus cofeellae (141), sp.
Host records for this genus include only leafminers of the families Lyonetiidae (Whitfield & Wagner 1991) and Gracillariidae (Penteado-Dias & Ramiro 2009).
Known species of the genus Choreborogas are endoparasitoids of Lyonetiidae and Gracillariidae (Whitfield & Wagner 1991; Penteado-Dias & Ramiro 2009).
This phenomenon leads to questions of species interaction in citrus groves and suggests that a more complete understanding of species within the Phyllocnistis genus and other members of the Gracillariidae and their natural enemies could provide a broader context for pest management decisions.
Global taxonomic database of Gracillariidae (Lepidoptera).