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United States comedienne remembered as the confused but imperturbable partner of her husband, George Burns (1906-1964)

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First Ed got sick, then Linda got sick, then Craig got sick, and now Gracie is sick I'm the only one in the family who isn't sick
Fighting back tears, Gracie said she was on PS135,000 and the BBC offered her a PS45,000 rise, which she rejected.
Gracie resigned as the BBC's China editor in a row over unequal pay.
Gracie has returned to her former post in the TV newsroom, where she has said: "I expect to be paid equally.
His comments came after Gracie had addressed the committee following her resignation as China editor in a row over unequal pay.
Gracie presented BBC Radio 4's Today programme as normal yesterday but due to impartiality rules, she could not be interviewed by co-host John Humphrys - the BBC's highest-paid news presenter with a salary of more than PS600,000.
A Maddie and Gracie are certainly cute little dogs.
Speaking with MMA Analyst Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Gracie revealed that the longtime UFC welterweight champion will undoubtedly return to doing what he does best-fighting.
During her weekly visits to Wrexham Maelor Hospital, where she spends several hours at the children's ward receiving her medication via infusion, Gracie has been taking part in a series of music workshops with Musician in Residence Jamie Davies.
The Gracie Guide to Her Really Fun ABCs" begins where the alphabet begins, with the letter "A" for "adventure" (and Gracie's birthday month of "August") and continues through the letter "Z," which represents the "zipper" on travel-veteran Gracie's carrying case.
Carlos e Helio Gracie foram os precursores do Jiu Jitsu, uma arte marcial que se mostrou fundamental na composicao do leque de armas necessarias a uma defesa pessoal eficiente.
Synopsis: Gracie X is a suburban mother of two who has been married to her loving husband, Hank, for 25 years.
Three-year-old Gracie Lynn revealed how big her heart is when she noticed Santa Claus eating breakfast alone at the counter at a Bob Evans restaurant in Evansville, Indiana.
Like young starstruck fans, around 200 senior instructors formed a beeline to click a photograph with whom they regard as the legend of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu -- Renzo Gracie.
In Gervay and Geddes' loving story of Gracie and Josh, that's exactly how the reader is drawn into the story--simple pleasures for simply extraordinary children.