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a bar attached parallel to a wall to provide a handgrip for steadying yourself

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Yet I did have a walk-in shower with a drop-down seat, lots of grab bars and a stateroom large enough to accommodate my electric scooter.
CSI Bathware donated over 300 dual-function grab bars similar to the combination toilet paper holder and grab bar shown.
Bathroom accessory options include cup fillers, drains, faucets, fire extinguisher cabinets, grab bars, mirrors, paper roll holders, shelves, showers, sinks, soap dishes, toilets, towel and clothing hooks, and urinals,
Grab bars attaching to the rear of the toilet itself, in my experience, are flimsy, thin metal and do not support weight well.
The best location for grab bars depends on the needs of the person who'll be using them, so ask before you install them.
Good bath mats, sturdy shower seats, grab bars and extendable shower sprays can help older people stay safe, he says.
A shower/bath seat and grab bars provide additional support in the shower/tub area (avoid bars that utilize suction, as these may not support your weight --opt for bars that screw into the wall).
Many of today's grab bars are cleverly disguised, looking instead like sleek soap dishes, functional shampoo trays, trendy towel racks and even toilet paper holders.
Take grab bars for example: Plates have been welded on standard grab bars to fill the space between the grip and the wall.
However, this article is specifically speaking about universal design and safety factors such as nonslip flooring, door locks, pocket doors, nightlights, grab bars, and hand-held showers.
Considerations frequently include installation of grab bars to minimize falling, adding comfort-height toilets, building no-step showers and widening doorways to allow for mobility-assistance equipment such as wheelchairs.
I want to install grab bars in my apartments' bathtub-showers, but the places where I want to put them do not match the location of studs where I can fasten them.
Install a non-skid mat in the bathtub and grab bars (screwed into the wall) to help you get out of the tub.