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United States paleontologist and popularizer of science (1941-2002)

United States financier who gained control of the Erie Canal and who caused a financial panic in 1869 when he attempted to corner the gold market (1836-1892)


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Gould prefers this description: A 43-year-old college drop-out from Los Angeles who says he made a lot of money in finance, became interested in Nazi memorabilia and ended up on an undercover odyssey where he befriended a former Waffen SS officer and recorded many of their conversations with the plan to someday expose the man's role in the Third Reich.
Gould will be signing copies of his autobiography '24 Carat Gould' ahead of the game against Cardiff at the Ricoh Arena on Tuesday, October 19.
In late 1959, Gould visited the Steinway & Sons piano company in New York City.
The canniest and the most unpredictable choice may just be Mark Kingwell on Gould, for it has given us a most unusual perspective on a much-examined life.
Interspersed as marginalia throughout Page's introductory text and occasionally thereafter are images of some of the thousands of documents preserved among the Glenn Gould Papers at the Library and Archives Canada.
Gould, 62 - whose long playing career spells at Wolves, Arsenal and West - has been appointed until the end the season after Weymouth sacked Lewer following a run of 11 defeats.
THE RICHNESS OF LIFE: The Essential Stephen Jay Gould STEVEN ROSE, ED.
TDs Berrian, Hester FGs Gould 4 Defence makes a statement with opening-day shutout
Tour #2 Glenn Gould in Toronto Wednesday, March 28 9:00 A.
Essentially, the program culls claims data and looks for patterns among producers, agents and claims adjusters, seeking patterns such as "producers whose crop insurance losses are not consistent with those of their neighbors," Gould said.
A seminal contribution to alternative medicine reference collections and supplemental reading lists, "How I Conquered Diabetes" by Bruce Gould is an extensive exploration of the impairing and damaging horrors of diabetes, and how one man was quick to rid himself of its control.
The divines seem to be reaching for the proposed accommodation between science and religion devised by the evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould.
The new system was designed to function even in the case of an electromagnetic pulse and radiation following a nuclear blast, Gould said.
Unlike, say, Debbie Lee, whose Slavery and the Romantic Imagination treats the principal British Romantic writers, Gould hardly acknowledges the more prominent Anglo-American authors and texts of the period from the 1770s to the 1810s.