Gossypium arboreum

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East Indian shrub cultivated especially for ornament for its pale yellow to deep purple blossoms


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Tetraploid Induction and Identification of Gossypium arboreum.
Gossypium arboreum is a native of India, which is cultivated time immemorial.
First symptomatic evidence of infection of Gossypium arboreum with cotton leaf curl Burewala virus through grafting.
Species Accession/Cultivar Ploidy Gossypium arboreum A1-85([dagger]); A2-85 2x G.
Single nucleotide polymorphism analysis of ubiquitin extension protein genes (UBQ) of gossypium arboreum and gossypium herbaceum in comparison with arabidopsis thaliana.
Studying the extent of genetic diversity among Gossypium arboreum L.
Gossypium arboreum A1-98 possessed a higher concentration of total terpenoid aldehydes relative to the other two species.
Ovulo embryo cultured hybrid between amphidiploid Gossypium arboreum x Gossypium anomalum and Gossypium hirsutum.
Characterization of resistance gene analogs from Gossypium arboreum and their evolutionary relationships with homologs from tetraploid cottons.