Gospel According to Mark

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the shortest of the four Gospels in the New Testament


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Nearly one-third (31%) of the gospel according to Mark consists of miracle stories.
A final way in which the gospel according to Mark reveals the connection between, healing and mission is by making explicit the holistic nature of various healing miracles.
(this is conjectural, since some even question whether he ever lived (3)), the Gospel according to Mark was probably written in the 70s of the first century; Matthew and Luke in the 80s; and John anywhere from 90 to 100 C.E.
In this second volume (devoted to Year B, or the Gospel according to Mark), Malone and Pacatte have continued their project to craft a parallel set of meditations, based on contemporary theatrically released films.
For at the end of his remarks on the Fourth Gospel, Eusebius reminds his readers parenthetically that he had already given them the cause for the Gospel according to Mark.(74) This refers to his statements in 2.15, where he had explicitly named his sources as being Clement of Alexandria and Papias.
Elia nd Ina Evangelia Mareko Minarpalan (Gospel according to Mark in Mabuiag Island Language), Cunninghame, Sydney.
Brodie's Report, 1972) includes the chilling "The Gospel According to Mark," wherein brutish farm laborers confuse the message of the gospel and prepare a crucifixion.
In the Gospel according to Mark, which probably preceded the writings of Matthew, we have similar tales of faith healing.
Matthew Sunday and grapple with Jesus' calling sinners and tax collectors to be disciples, or we can continue in the Gospel according to Mark and eavesdrop on the Twelve as they argue about who of them is the greatest.