Gospel According to Luke

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one of the four Gospels in the New Testament

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"This has been the gospel according to Luke Warm Water" --excerpt from The Jesus Of pine Ridge, by Luke Warm Water
Read in Arabic, it was that portion of the Gospel according to Luke (Chapter 6) in which Jesus is saying, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." And then as joyfully as that troupe had carried this Good News into our midst, they danced it fight down the centre aisle and out into the streets of Canterbury.
Word Pictures Of The New Testament: The Gospel According To Luke
BROADWAY actor Bruce Kuhn [correct] will be performing a stage version of the Gospel According To Luke in Sunderland next week.
As the gospel according to Luke unfolds, it becomes clear that the relationship between word and deed in Luke leaves neither in a position of primacy; both are a testimony to the in-breaking kingdom of God.
Wednesdays, "The Gospel According to Luke" will be discussed.
Showing Mary is basically a Bible study of the gospel according to Luke, 1: 26-56.
THE Gospel according to Luke is that Galway will win this one - but only just.
The Gospel according to Luke. Because Advent is a child leaping in his mother's womb (1:39ff) and Jesus is good news to the poor (4:16ff).
Prodigal Son Biblical character who squandered his patrimony and returned to his father's home in poverty, in a parable attributed to Jesus in the Gospel According to Luke.
(30.) Joseph Fitzmyer, The Gospel According to Luke (I-IX) Anchor Bible 28; (New York, et al.: Doubleday, 1981), 564, points out that Luke calls Peter "Simon" before Luke 6:14, where Jesus names him "Peter."