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Russian writer of plays and novels and short stories

an industrial city in the European part of Russia

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That these contradictory Gorkys coexisted is a testament to the complexity of the artist, who was able to act out modernism's own twisted history, in which authenticity and masquerade have always operated in a dynamic relation.
In a small room across from the 1937 portrait, however, a group of Gorky's early modernist imitations suggested the very different figure of Gorky the Faker.
So it was partly because of chronology, but also because of this slight curatorial emphasis on Gorky the Authentic, that the second discrete room of the exhibition was devoted to Gorky's two famous paintings of himself as a boy standing next to his mother (along with another large wall panel that repeated some of the artist's gruesome biographical details).
This mingling of sincerity and artifice is one of the reasons Gorky's paintings remain important.
Other winners included: Gorkys (Best Welsh Language Act), Boobytrap (Best Label), Greg Haver (Best Producer), Coal Exchange (Best Live Venue over 500 capacity), Clwb Ifor Bach (Best Live Venue under 500), Pop Factory (Best Music Programme), Session in Wales (Best Radio Show) and One Live in Cardiff (Best Special Event).