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Russian writer of plays and novels and short stories

an industrial city in the European part of Russia

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Gorky was not opened to foreigners until the year after all these events took place.
Even when someone deceived him, Gorky accepted it patiently and was always ready to forgive the deceit.
In the 1930s, Gorky painted in the manner of Picasso, closely enough for fellow artists to have teased him as the Picasso of Washington Square.
Gorky Automobile Plant, which manufactures fasteners for Russian customers, will provide the infrastructure for production while Bulten, which supplies fasteners to the automotive industry, will be responsible for developing new products, new technology and distribution.
Bo Andersson, President and CEO of GAZ Group, said, "The cooperation with Daimler will enable us to upgrade the manufacturing capacities and processes of Gorky Automobile Plant.
Gorky said a crisis team, including adjustment and guidance counselors, was available starting at 7 a.
Swedish industrial group FinnvedenBulten has signed a letter of intent (LoI) to create a fastener-making joint venture with Russian vehicle maker GAZ (RTC:GAZA) at GAZa[euro](tm)s Gorky automobile plant, the two partners said in a joint press release on Tuesday.
Situating her work within the context of the recent interest in documentary films and reality shows, Elizabeth Papazian focuses on four artists/writers--Sergei Tretiakov, Dziga Vertov, Maksim Gorky, and Mikhail
Egoyan's Ararat accords a central place to the Armenian-American painter Arshile Gorky, a well-known representative of American abstract painting, A paragon of assimilation, Gorky is rarely referred to in the literature as Armenian.
Together with Fanger's introduction, the collection illustrates the evolving reception Gorky received in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia.
THERE WERE TWO Arshile Gorkys to be found in this retrospective: Gorky the Authentic, and Gorky the Faker.
The married Gorky was traveling with a girlfriend, prompting the Call's headline: "MAXIM GORKY SAYS YANKEES ARE SPITTERS / Vulgarity of Americans Shocks the Russian Bigamist.
En 1948, en Sherman Connecticut, Gorky (llamado Vosdnig Adolan, armenio nacido en Hayotz Dzore en 1904) se ahorco para acabar con una serie de desgracias que lo habian desesperado.
LONDON The long-delayed privatization of Russia's oldest film complex, Moscow's Gorky Studios, looks set to go ahead this year after a government decision to sell it was signed by Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.
Cynthia Marsh follows up her slim volume File on Gorky (London: Methuen, 1993) with a more expansive work about Maxim Gorky's career as a playwright.