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a Scottish breed with a black-and-tan coat

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While the competition is open to all pointing breeds, eyes will justifiably be on the gorgeous Irish and Gordon setters that know how to hunt.
Diet, exercise, weight, injury and pure bad luck can all play a part, but there is good, reliable evidence from studies on flat-coat retrievers, Newfoundlands, Gordon setters and Labradors that there is a direct link between the hip scores of dams and sires and their offspring.
People who have gordon setters want depictions of gordon setters.
Generally, Gordon setters can be less forgiving of mistakes in the training process then some other breeds," Loy says.
I have got eight dogs, including Gordon setters, Irish setters and field spaniels which are show dogs and I am a farmer's wife.
After reading the November 2010 article on Gordon setters, I was disappointed.
FLAT-COAT A flat-coat floats with setter-like loftiness, showing the influence of the Gordon setters in his background.
FIELD TRIAL GORDONS Though Becky and Dan Voss, owners of Wyndancer Kennels, regularly run their Gordon setters in national field trials, their main reason for competing in these contests is to prove their dogs' basic hunting abilities and to keep them in shape for the seasons on pheasants, ruffed grouse, prairie grouse, woodcock and quail.