Gordian knot

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any very difficult problem

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an intricate knot tied by Gordius, the king of Phrygia, and cut by the sword of Alexander the Great after he heard that whoever undid it would become ruler of Asia

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Should it try to continue to play the role of the little boy with his finger in the dike and simply wait indefinitely to see if unknown factors will allow Kosovo society to cut the Gordian knot restricting development of the rule of law?
The government has cut through that Gordian knot by fining transgressing employers, and for that the workers are grateful.
If we are to break the Gordian knot, I think we shall see the numbers of those convicted with drug problems would be much reduced.
as her mother unties the gordian knot of her hair, civilizing, province
Twists and turns face Bart as he tries to unravel this Gordian knot mystery.
It is really that Gordian Knot that needs to be cracked, that needs to be addressed as collectively as possible, starting with those at the center but with the support of the international community probably channeled through the IMF.
Unhealthy lifestyles and their consequences are the modem-day equivalent of the Gordian knot.
The confluence of work and nonwork factors is a perpetual Gordian knot.
But as those of us working in development know all too well, malnutrition, hunger and poverty are bound tightly together in a Gordian knot that requires collective action to cut.
We'll see who lands on our doorstep to unravel the Gordian knot.
Moldova's referendum on September 5 was envisioned as the sword that would cut the Gordian knot of political deadlock between a coalition of four pro-Western parties and the opposition communists.
both single images, the creative lady's skin peers through small perforations in her blouse that spell out the pieces' respective titles; completing the show's Gordian knot of logic, the press release trumpets her clothing as "technologically advanced.
The problem is not a lack of resources, but misallocation of those resources, and is made worse by a Gordian knot of regulations.
The UN, through its Vienna-based nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has been considering Kazakhstan's proposal to host a nuclear fuel bank on its territory, a gesture which might yet cut the international Gordian knot of Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Yet over the last decade, and certainly enough times since then, I've come to see we're still a long way from untangling that Gordian Knot.