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Nesting Ecology of a Population of Gopherus agassizii at a Utility-Scale Wind Energy Facility in Southern California.
Sex-steroids associated with the reproductive cycle in male and female bolson tortoise Gopherus flavomarginatus.
Species Plant communities Status TTS NG IG AS Amphibia Anura Lithobates berlandieri X Pr Reptilia Crocodylia Crocodylus morelett X X Pr Sauria Sceloporus olivaceu X X X SE Plestiodon tetragra X X X SE Aspidoscelis scalar X X X X SE Serpentes Coluber schotti X SE Drymarchon melanuru X X SE Pantherophis emoryi X X SE Tantilla atriceps X A Thamnophis proximus X X A Crotalus atrox X Pr Testudines Chelonia mydas X P Lepidochelys kempii X SE Trachemys venusta X X SE Terrapene carolina X X Pr Kinosternons corpio X X Pr Gopherus berlandier X A
In Gopherus berlandieri Agassiz (the Texas tortoise), a fungus has been identified as an etiological agent of shell degradation (Rose et al.
Effects of incubation condition on sex determination, hatching success, and growth of hatchling desert tortoises, Gopherus agassizii.
The Gopherus agassizii is an herbivore that lives on sand or gravel desert between 1,000 and more than 4,000 feet in elevation.
We present a life table and demographic parameters of an inland population of Gopherus berlandieri to contribute to the study of evolution of turtle life histories.
77 The desert gopher tortoise Gopherus agassizii is one of the many reptiles that lives in the deserts of the Americas.
Part IV illustrates the integration of recovery planning and HCP formation through Washington County, Utah's efforts to create an HCP for Gopherus agassizii, the desert tortoise.
Quiza el unico reptil endemico verdaderamente notable sea la tortuga del Bolson de Mapimi, Gopherus flavomarginatus, que habita aquella desertica region en los limites de Chihuahua y Durango, y esta emparentada con las tortugas gigantes de las islas Galapagos.
Slow and steady isn't winning the race for threatened Gopherus agassizii, dspite efforts of concerned citizens to preserve its habitat.
2001), and many threatened and endangered species including the red-cockaded woodpecker Picoides borealis and gopher tortoise Gopherus polyphemus inhabit this ecosystem (Walters 1991, Allen et al.
A new giant turtle of the genus Gopherus (Chelonia: Testudinidae) from the Pleistocene of Tamaulipas, Mexico, and a review of the phylogeny and biostratigraphy of gopher tortoises.