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a widely used search engine that uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search

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search the internet (for information) using the Google search engine

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In order to use the site fully you will need to have a Google account, and when you are logged in to Google you either use the box of little squares on the top right next to your profile picture or just search for Google Books in the search bar.
Similar to the forgotten indexing of some of the older Groups content, I still occasionally find some content only if I go directly into Google Books or Google News.
As James Grimmelmann pointed out in the May 11, 2016, issue of Publishers Weekly ("Hail and Farewell to the Google Books Case"):
Google Books allows users to search the content of the books and displays excerpts that show the relevant search results.
According to a paper published by PLOS One last week by three data scientists from the University of Vermont, the basic design of Google Books threatens to undermine its ability to map cultural trends.
FURTHER READING: Libraries win in Google Books infringement suit European Commission to investigate Amazon's e-book sales Jenner's Kohlmann leads team to victory for Steinbeck estate
Robert Darnton explored the Google Books project in a lengthy essay in The New York Review of Books in early 2009.
Keywords: Fair use, transformative use, copyright, Google Books, digital environment, digitalization, search tool, search engines.
Google Books is not the only offender, simply the biggest.
District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled that Google Books uses the searchable words in qualitatively new ways, which counts as "fair use" under copyright law.
The report added that Wojcicki is the one who led Google's high-profile projects like Google Images and Google Books and in her former role of ad head, she was responsible for the company's advertising products, accounting for 87 percent of its revenues in 2012.
Each chapter of Google Search Secrets is devoted to one of Google's main search interfaces, including popular ones such as Google Images, Google Maps, Google Scholar, Google Alerts, and Google Books.
En el curso del litigio de accion colectiva promovido por el Authors Guild (gremio de autores) y la Association of American Publishers (la asociacion estadunidense de impresores) en contra de Google Books en el Juzgado Sur de Distrito de Nueva York (U.
El proyecto Google Libros (anteriormente Google Print, Google Book Search y Google Books), en el que se involucraron multitud de editoriales y un grupo de bibliotecas que juntas conservan una parte sustancial del patrimonio bibliografico mundial, establecio como objetivo digitalizar once millones de libros, permitir buscar en su contenido y su lectura y descarga en caso de estar libres de derechos de autor (Samuelson, 2010).