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Synonyms for wallet

Synonyms for wallet

a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money

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New Delhi [India], Feb 21 ( ANI ): Tech giant Google is all set out to roll out Google Pay, its new unified payments service that combines Google Wallet and Android Pay, for Android users.
Meanwhile, the Google Wallet app is getting some attention, too.
Both Google Wallet and Apple Pay utilize near field communication (NFC) technology.
When a user stores funds in a Google Wallet account, Google Wallet issues the user, if he or she chooses, a physical Google Wallet debit card.
o 53 percent of survey respondents said they have used a payment platform, such as PayPal or Venmo, to pay a person in the past three months, while only 11 percent have used a payment platform such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet to pay a business in the past three months.
said would replace Google Wallet back in May, kicked off in the U.S.
Google Wallet has been out much longer, and though it has more fully engaged customers than PayPal -- 30% versus 25% -- it also has more actively disengaged customers (32%) than Apple Pay (14%) or PayPal (19%).
With Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and CurrentC there is no physical card to lose, but depending on the application and method, some applications might be able to see the card number and transaction information.
An ITG Investment Research study conducted in November, soon after Apple Pay was launched, found that the service accounted for 1 percent of digital payment dollars, while Google Wallet accounted for four per cent.
Payment systems such as Google wallet, PayPal and Apple pay are going to create an impact on customers.
Next thing, number five, I think with this whole trend of NFC going on, I think the NFC based solutions are going to give us a new threat; especially with Google wallet. As soon as Google Wallet came out there was a fake Android vulnerability targeting the Google Wallet.
Google's response, called Android Pay, will replace Google Wallet for making mobile purchases in stores and applications.
Google offers a similar product, Google Wallet. Both use the NFC (near field communication) antenna in a smartphone, watch or other mobile device to permit consumers to pay by simply holding the device near a retailer's contactless reader, without having to open an app or activate the device's display.
From Paypal and Google Wallet to Facebook's recent announcement...
The United States started playing catch-up in 2011 when Google released Google Wallet (google.com/wallet), an app that allows users of Android phones (and now iPhones 5 and 6, which are enabled with NFC) to link their credit card information to their cellphones and to pay by placing the back of the phone against an NFC-enabled terminal.