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having honest intentions


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Though the Bank makes a good faith effort to be accurate in the calculation and publication of the COFI, the Bank does not warrant, confirm, or guarantee the accuracy of the data it receives from its COFI Reporting Members, the accuracy of the COFI calculation, or the accuracy of the COFI as published.
The court shall grant a motion challenging the adequacy of an expert report only if it appears that the report does not represent an objective good faith effort to comply with the definition of an expert report.
The employee must contact the supervising employee, who must make a reasonably good faith effort to resolve the matter.
The new compliance guideline can be downloaded from the agency's Web site ( and explains what is considered a "good faith effort" to comply.
The Institute also recommended that the purchase and use of software developed by an approved vendor be sufficient evidence that a taxpayer has made a good faith effort to comply with the regulations.
Also important is making a good faith effort at finding a good employee another job.
Although scientists make a good faith effort to comply with disclosure clauses, most are not well trained in understanding the legal nuances involved.
Under this law, housing owners had to make a good faith effort to determine if a child under the age of six lived in a unit.
Proton will continue its good faith effort to address and resolve this matter, but we cannot be confident of a fair and satisfactory outcome."
WASHINGTON, DC -- Concern over the slow pace of food-facility registrations has prompted the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to warn that the agency expects a "good faith effort" at compliance and that food deliveries may be halted if owners, importers or consignees under bond do not comply.
However, it is still unclear what "good faith effort to comply" means.
Brownstein ignores the good faith effort that officials in cities like New York put forth once it was made clear that they did not convey the availability of options to parents in a timely fashion.
The court found that a reasonable officer could have believed that shooting one inmate in the leg to stop an assault that could have seriously injured or killed another inmate was a good faith effort to restore order, and was therefore lawful.
"We cannot guarantee that we will be able to help, but we will make a good faith effort.'' WNACC was formed in 1999 by a group of American and Canadian business people with strong ties to Wales and currently has some 100 members in those two countries and Wales.
While the Taliban's offer might not have been made in good faith, the Just War doctrine required that we make a good faith effort to obtain satisfaction by means other than war.