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Synonyms for article

Synonyms for article

an individually considered portion of a whole

something having material existence

Synonyms for article

(grammar) a determiner that may indicate the specificity of reference of a noun phrase

bind by a contract

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This is such a good article on how to help and what to say to folks who have suffered profound losses especially deaths of loved ones younger than their parents, serious illness (cancer), etc.
That was a good article with good statistics and reasoning.
Thank you again for a good article about one of the little guys in aviation.
Cliffoch Ap Cliffoch On the new fascist party A very good article by left wing journalists twisting the truth.
If you send us a good article, there is a good chance we will publish it.
It is a good article, but I believe the author may have missed the main causal factor for the fires and problems of using surge strips in deployed locations.
I thought it was a good article, but I have several quibbles that I call to your attention.
Mary Gliddon Not applicable A very good article by Willie Mullins on jockeys taking the wrong course.
Including all areas of STEM could have turned a good article into a great one.
What this otherwise very good article fails to look at is the possible future of tap wine.
What a shame that James Burge decided to ruin a good article on Dante by finding it necessary to disparage Richard Dawkins in the process ('Dante: Reason and Religion', March 2011).
Tom Turner's good article ("Non-Radar IFR," November 2010) lists good suggestions for safely departing a "non-towered, out-of-the-way airport" on an IFR clearance, but omits what I've always thought is the first one that should come to mind: When you are flying into that airport and again after you land and tie down, take a good look around.
RE your very good article "Are we really fit to be called a nation of animal lovers" (September 8).
Once we find a good article or news story, we decide if the topic is worthy of a full article, a brief mention, or if it's most appropriate as an "In the Literature" citation.
brufenbear On Nathan Blake's column GOOD article Nathan, but it's all well and good saying we need to invest in more players when the calibre we need are just not available, especially given the limited finances we have.