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Synonyms for teamwork

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Synonyms for teamwork

joint work toward a common end

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Words related to teamwork

cooperative work done by a team (especially when it is effective)

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"This isateamsportand Justin did what any good team player would do.
He is very good in the air and also a good team player. He is a great addition to our squad.Ao
He is very good in the air and also a good team player. He is a great addition to our squad." In the 2008/09 league campaign, Chamakh scored 14 goals, helping Bordeaux win the French League title, thus ending Lyon's seven-year domination of Ligue 1.
Rory was a good team player, he just wasn't the individual that Trunds was.
He's a good team player, a good all-rounder and a pleasure to work with.
"There's no desire to participate as a good team player with the Bar to make this thing work," board member Gwynne Young said.
BB: An honest trier, good team player, high on commitment, but sadly low on touch and technique.
Being a good team player is to respect each practitioner's scope and role within the team, so that each can act autonomously within that role.
There is a great emphasis today on recruiting good team players. This requirement to be a good team player is built into many a person specification.
But then, Comey made clear that he had other concerns than just being a good team player. After all, his first act upon confirmation in December 2003 was to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity.
But once I got him down I figured I'd be a good team player and get the pin."
To most men, a good team player is one who does what the coach says.
"A good team player participates in the team based upon their own belief systems, yet with their focus on the team's mission or agenda," adds Wingate Sligh.
NBS has eight consulting psychiatrists who serve as guidance counselors, and the skills that they teach are perhaps the most vital to achieving career success and personal satisfaction: being responsible, understanding integrity, being a good communicator, being a good team player while pursuing individual dreams, and understanding the pitfalls of being a perfectionist, a common characteristic among ballet staff and students around the world.
Rather, the problem was her inability to act as a good team player.