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a member of the people inhabiting Samaria in biblical times

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The good Samaritan has to organize a League of Good Samaritans if he (or she) is going to clean up that dangerous road to Jericho.
The story of the good Samaritan has always challenged me.
In a big relief, SC- initiated efforts to draft a supportive legal framework for Good Samaritans who help accident victims have gained momentum under the close watch of Chief Justice P.
Laws protecting Good Samaritans exist in the UK, the US, Canada and other European countries.
If ``Apres Vous'' doesn't quite make good on its initial originality or even take its premise to its logical conclusion (which is that Good Samaritans often find themselves shoved into a ditch somewhere), the movie has more than enough moments of satisfying silliness to overcome the stretches that strain.
PIERRE SALVADORI'S ``Apres Vous'' is about a Good Samaritan who starts the movie helping everyone but himself (and, by extension, his long-suffering girlfriend) and, following a wild series of predicaments, reaches a point where he faces a lifetime of unhappiness unless he sells somebody out.
Dear Editor, - I, my brothers and our families would like to say a very special and sincere thank you to the very Good Samaritans of Northfield, who assisted and comforted our brother Tom, who very suddenly collapsed and died in a public area of Lockwood Road on Monday April 4, at approximately 4pm.
Our committed staff and volunteers will help us fulfill our commitment to truly being Good Samaritans.
There is evidence of Good Samaritans in the Holy Land where church and government agencies, humanitarian groups and individual Christians, Muslims and Jews work, against mounting odds, for a just peace.
A police spokesman said: "It is unfortunate but I'm afraid good samaritans are not exempt from the law.
Sand Hill Group last night announced the winners of the first annual SHG Foundation awards for software industry Good Samaritans, Social Entrepreneurship and Luminary.
The good Samaritans helped the woman get her Hyundai's door open, gave her gas money, offered directions to San Diego and gave the pair a pizza for the trip.
A new national survey of 1,027 physicians and 1,435 members of the general public that probed the readiness of people to act as Good Samaritans revealed that 98% of both groups indicated that they would stop to help accident victims.
However, too often, the good Samaritans are then victimized by being sued for their help.
Center recruiting good Samaritans to help assist city's homeless, needy
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