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Irish patriot and a founder of the Sinn Fein (1865-1953)


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Black Books star Tamsin Greig is rumoured to play Gonne.
In fact, the "terrible beauty" of Maud Gonne is invoked for a number of reasons, among them as a kind of judgment against a very unheroic Ireland, as in "No Second Troy":
In fact, Yeats had been so enamored of Maud Gonne for such a long time that he could not find any other woman: for 29 years he had proposed to Maud Gonne many times until the age of 52, without success, and when he finally gave it up and proposed to her daughter, Iseult Gonne, who had earlier proposed to him but now rejected him, he turned to Georgie Hyde-Lees, 25 years younger than he.
The Sorrow of Love" is one of Yeats's earliest iterations of his despair at his beloved Maud Gonne becoming, as he saw it, so catastrophically embroiled in the raucous and incendiary grassroots struggle for Irish independence.
2008 - It redirected all videos on the main page to Rick Astley's music video Never Gonne Give You Up, and called the prank Rickrolling.
Stories are told of the triumphs and trials of musical composer Franz Liszt ("Liszt in Weimar"); Yeats' passion for Maud Gonne both as a woman and as muse ("Yeats and Maud Gonne, 1891"); and the romance in 1958 between visiting French journalist Claude Lanzmann and a North Korean nurse, a romance cut short by North Korea's totalitarian regime, the nurse's red lips reminding the journalist after his return to France of "the wound of love / impossible beneath a scarlet star" ("Kim Kum-sun").
You starred in the movie with Maud Gonne and Socrates and Juliet and a flock of sparrows that were a fixed point like the spire of a cathedral but made of feathers.
At best, Maud Gonne has "taught to ignorant men most violent ways" (91).
Ma con il passare di Nuti dietro la macchina da presa la misoginia aumenta progressivamente di pari passo con le sue velleita di autore (stimolate dal successo di pubblico), finendo per sfociare nel messaggio vagamente reazionario di Donne con le gonne (1991).
hee lyes bie the wyllowe tree: Mie love ys dedde, Gonne to hys deathe-bedde, Alle underre the wyllowe tree.
One of the things Ferron appreciates most about Minnesota Lice Lady Gonne Asser (it's pronounced Honnah and reflects her Dutch ancestry) is that she not only eradicates lice in one treatment, but also is well educated about lice, and willingly shares her knowledge of the bugs.
As Yeats ruefully came to realize, nothing could have been worse for his poetry than marriage to Gonne.
All things can tempt me from this craft of verse' he wrote, before checking his Twitter feed, texting Maud Gonne and staring distractedly out of the window into the green Sligo fields while his poem slowly congealed.
Mogelijkerwijs was Nietzsche belangrijker voor Emants dan hij zelf in een brief aan Gonne Loman-van-Uildriks wilde toegeven; hij schreef immers: "Van Nietzsche houd ik niet veel; die is mij te waanwijs en te weinig systematisch.