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Irish patriot and a founder of the Sinn Fein (1865-1953)


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He walked me through the Glasnevin graveyard, past the grave of Michael Collins and other heroes of Ireland's liberation, past Gerard Manley Hopkins' bones in the collective Jesuit plot, past the grave of Yeats's Maud Gonne. At the pub beside the graveyard we drank our last Guinness together.
Gonne, "Formaldehyde emissions from urea--formaldehyde--and no-added-formaldehyde-bonded particleboard as influenced by temperature and relative humidity," Forest Products Journal, vol.
Meylaerts, Reine and Maud Gonne. "Transferring the City--Transgressing Borders: Cultural Mediators in Antwerp (1850-1930)." Translation Studies 7.2 (2014): 133-51.
Women's subordination and theirexclusion from politically correct nation-building businessarealsomanifest in Yeats's "No Second Troy." In this poem, Maud Gonne's active involvement in politics is criticized.
Plus, it's sorta' like a handgun, since the first one invented was called a 'Hand Gonne' and looked like a miniature cannon, and this is a miniature cannon, so it's like a hand gun.
This context then receives an added urgency and relevance when Yeats famously meets Maud Gonne, the beautiful and violent Irish revolutionary for whom Yeats yearned much of his life and whose feelings for him did not quite amount to love.
Thus it was that the early hand-held gonne was superseded by the matchlock harquebus, which was replaced with the snaphaunce and dog lock muskets.
One day a Miss Maud Gonne arrived in a hansom at Bedford Park, where the Yeats family lived.
(18) The Rising was chiefly promoted by the extreme Nationalists of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, a group of Nationalists of whom Yeats really knew very little because they had come into prominence since the days when he and Maud Gonne were actively engaged in the Gaelic movement.
Other one-of-a-kind experiences include lunch at Rosnaree, home of Aisling Law, great-granddaughter of Maud Gonne, Irish revolutionary and great love and muse of William Rutler Yeats, with whom she founded the Abbey Theatre.
"The Sorrow of Love" is one of Yeats's earliest iterations of his despair at his beloved Maud Gonne becoming, as he saw it, so catastrophically embroiled in the raucous and incendiary grassroots struggle for Irish independence.
2008 - It redirected all videos on the main page to Rick Astley's music video Never Gonne Give You Up, and called the prank Rickrolling.
Stories are told of the triumphs and trials of musical composer Franz Liszt ("Liszt in Weimar"); Yeats' passion for Maud Gonne both as a woman and as muse ("Yeats and Maud Gonne, 1891"); and the romance in 1958 between visiting French journalist Claude Lanzmann and a North Korean nurse, a romance cut short by North Korea's totalitarian regime, the nurse's red lips reminding the journalist after his return to France of "the wound of love / impossible beneath a scarlet star" ("Kim Kum-sun").
You starred in the movie with Maud Gonne and Socrates and Juliet and a flock of sparrows that were a fixed point like the spire of a cathedral but made of feathers.