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a practitioner of the affected elegant style of the Spanish poet Gongora

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Her early poems were somewhat conventionally erotic, Gongorist in style.
As an early expression of the sermo humilis, it is part of a later theme that runs through Lope's reactions to the gongorist contortions of obscure language.
Hence the appearance of Gongorists with their unnatural elegance, of cultists with their unorthodox ways, of Marinists with their contorted puns and intricate metaphors, of Euphuists with their artificial refinement, of the precieux (the "precious" ones, advocates of the French salon Preciosite) with their delicate manners and feelings, and lastly of the metaphysical poets with their (often exaggerated) extended use of conceits.
(19) Though the seventeenth-century controversy surrounding Gongora's Soledades underscored the poems' cryptic nature and detachment from a Christian literary ethos, some readers, including Tejeda and other colonial gongorists, may have perceived spiritual or religious value in Gongora's Soledades.