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an affected elegance of style that was introduced into Spanish literature by the poet Gongora

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One of the first colonial American writers inspired and guided by gongorism was Luis de Tejeda y Guzman, considered among Argentina's first Spanish-language writers, and probably Argentina's first native-born Spanish-language poet.
In effect, despite the support of a small constellation of poets and apologists, gongorism was widely seen as a pernicious literary idiom, a diabolic babel, and a "foreign" discourse associated with themes that undermined Christianity and, consequently, Spanish identity.
Tejeda's "Romance" is, moreover, the first known narrative poem from colonial Spanish America to appropriate gongorism, and specifically the gongorism of the Soledades, for the purpose of crafting a confessional autobiography structured as a transformative, spiritual journey.
Poetry, after the sterile, false exaltation, artificially provoked by Gongorism, after the affectation of its conceits (which revealed still further the nullity of its ideas), fell into a servile and mindless imitation of Latin poetry, that heavy and monastic classical school which is the antithesis of all inspiration and all feeling.
Lezama Lima likewise views Camargo's Gongorism as a "discurso de contraconquista" that formed the beginning of an inter-racial and cross-class phenomenon (Lirica 303-7).