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an affected elegance of style that was introduced into Spanish literature by the poet Gongora

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In "Primer sueno," she turned her Gongorism to the support of metaphysics as she described a soul's struggle toward knowledge.
Also, such literary movements as Marinism (see Giambattista Marino ) in Italy, Gongorism in Spain, and euphuism in England were part of the baroque period.
In effect, despite the support of a small constellation of poets and apologists, gongorism was widely seen as a pernicious literary idiom, a diabolic babel, and a "foreign" discourse associated with themes that undermined Christianity and, consequently, Spanish identity.
Both declared themselves against Gongorism and rallied to the rival occasion of Goya's centenary.
After 1600, however, Gongora deliberately cultivated the abstruse style to which he gave his name, Gongorism, and for which his enemies dubbed him Principe de las Tinieblas ( " Prince of Darkness " ).
Lezama Lima likewise views Camargo's Gongorism as a "discurso de contraconquista" that formed the beginning of an inter-racial and cross-class phenomenon (Lirica 303-7).
Gongorism can also be considered as a purely stylistic variant of the contemporaneous literary trend known as conceptism, which appeared mainly in prose.