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an affected elegance of style that was introduced into Spanish literature by the poet Gongora

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Perhaps this line is intended as a Gongorism, the simile placed, with ironical affectation, between noun adjective and noun.
In "Primer sueno," she turned her Gongorism to the support of metaphysics as she described a soul's struggle toward knowledge.
He was thus influenced by the stylistic obscurities of the Cordoban bard, Gongora, "the Prince of Darkness." "Gongorism" was richly obscure and featured classical-mythological references, metaphors, contrived words, strained comparisons, and the flaunting of erudition.
Also, such literary movements as Marinism (see Giambattista Marino ) in Italy, Gongorism in Spain, and euphuism in England were part of the baroque period.
In effect, despite the support of a small constellation of poets and apologists, gongorism was widely seen as a pernicious literary idiom, a diabolic babel, and a "foreign" discourse associated with themes that undermined Christianity and, consequently, Spanish identity.
Both declared themselves against Gongorism and rallied to the rival occasion of Goya's centenary.[28] |When the Goya Society of Saragossa asked me to make a film about the life of the painter to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of his death, I wrote a complete script ...
After 1600, however, Gongora deliberately cultivated the abstruse style to which he gave his name, Gongorism, and for which his enemies dubbed him Principe de las Tinieblas ( " Prince of Darkness " ).
Lezama Lima likewise views Camargo's Gongorism as a "discurso de contraconquista" that formed the beginning of an inter-racial and cross-class phenomenon (Lirica 303-7).