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a Chinese martial art

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Peimin Ni's essay on gongfu is exemplary in deriving results in harmony with the interpretive choices of many of the contributors to this volume in a fashion more informed by the existing commentarial tradition.
As a 1991 book put it, qigongs "advanced level is shown by Extraordinary Powers: penetrating vision, distant vision, distant sensation, the ability to immobilise one's body, to fly miraculously, to cross walls, to soar spiritually, to call the wind and bring the rain, to know the past and the future"--skills familiar from gongfu movies.
I spend a lot of time practicing traditional Wushu (which is often called gongfu or "kung fu") and qigong and these combative and health maintenance disciplines have exerted a great deal of influence on my artistic choices.
Subsequently, yet another official, a certain Liu Gongfu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is said to have played a major role in caixuan ge's development by replacing the Song bureaucracy with the bureaucratic system of the Later Han.
Classes are held on the last Sunday of each month and include monthly offerings such as Tea and Food, Winter Harvest Oolongs, Tea Connoisseurship: Introduction to Green Tea, Spring Harvest Tasting, Tea Connoisseurship: Introduction to Oolong Tea, Harvest Oolong Tasting, Tea Connoisseurship: Introduction to Gongfu Tea, Yixing Tea Ware and Gongfu Tea, Tea Connoisseurship: Introduction to Pu'erh Tea and Aged Pu'erh Tasting.