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a person in desperate straits


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Goner Records label was started in 1993 by Eric Friedl when he decided to release Guitar Wolf's first album, Wolf Rock!
Johnny Vomit & The Dry Fleaves EP 7" (Goner Records, 1993)
After performing in three festivals put on by Goner Records, the band signed to the label in 2010.
In 2004, Friedl and business partner Zac Ives purchased a record store to accompany the Goner Records label.
The Goner Records store is located at 2152 Young Avenue, in Memphis, Tennessee
2004: Eric Fiedel released Dutch Masters 7" (Goner Records, 17Gone)
When we were in the South we met the guys from Goner records. Eric, who worked with the Oblivians and Jay Reatard, was into us.
Look for the Jack O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers' The Disco Outlaw on Goner Records. And a side note to Goner, can you please put out more of your usual quality dope?...
Case in point: King Louie LP Chinese Crawfish on Goner Records. Low down and swampy, staying true to his New Orleans roots (he's been in the Royal Pendletons, Bad Times, and a few others), this one is a toe-tapper with songs like "Beat Up By A Girl," "I'm So Sick of Your Headgear," and "I'm 13 and Too Ugly to Live." Hope his house didn't float away ...
DAMN, IT'S NICE TO SEE some stuff from Goner records outta Memphis, been a while.