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Gilberto DC Cruz, the Surigao del Sur Police Provincial Office (PPO) and Lianga Municipal Police Station (MPS) said all the children, aged five to 10 years old, have already gone home in the company of their respective parents.
There's been no small amount of hate directed at Gone Home on the Internet for some very stupid reasons.
In Gone Home you play a young woman who has just returned home after a vacation abroad to find out that your family's disappeared.
As I haven't been in the office since Friday, several new families have arrived and others have gone home.
Dave Lucas, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (24 May 2006), discusses Seamus Heaney's District and Circle: "Thomas Wolfe notwithstanding, Seamus Heaney has gone home again, and the result ...
Head teacher Paul Milner said none of the pupils were allowed to leave until their parents arrived to collect them and most had gone home by 2pm.
"It was a great night and those who hadn't been racing before will have gone home with a much better understanding and appreciation of our sport and the issues we face.
Yet, we are going home to our father, to our mother, to all the people who have gone home before us.