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a hypothetical continent that (according to plate tectonic theory) broke up later into India and Australia and Africa and South America and Antarctica

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These environmental settings were prevalent on northern margin of Gondwanaland at the passive margin of Tethys Ocean during late Permian which caused deposition of Wargal Limestone in shallow marine condition.
This denudation ofJhelum Group prevailed until the Carboniferous when the whole assembly of the Gondwanaland drifted to the South Pole and embraced the glacial environment.
But like a twisting narrative, like the moving threads of my father's two-yearly transfers, like my flotsam of memories, Gondwanaland started falling apart, making the Indian subcontinent float away, ever so slowly, towards the northern hemisphere.
The property's flora is a relic of Gondwanaland and provides an important component to the scientific understanding of continental drift and an outstanding site for the study of the processes of biological evolution.
Trilobite evidence for Gondwanaland in east Asia during the Ordovician.
On the other hand, a low-velocity zone is also present, for a similar depth range, in the mantle of the continents: South America (Corchete, 2012), Antarctica (Corchete, 2013a) and Africa (Corchete, 2013b), which were part of the same super-continent Gondwanaland (Supplement 7), in the early Mesozoic before fragmentation.
According to PhilRice, modern rice varieties came from the wild grains that grew in the extinct super continent called "Gondwanaland" (land masses in today's southern hemisphere) that drifted apart to become Asia, Africa, Australia and Antartica.
Permo-Carboniferous (250 million years to 350 million years ago) Gondwanan sediments are well-distributed in the Indian subcontinent, South Africa, Australia, Antarctica and South America, bearing proof that the southern continents were once united in the form of Gondwanaland. In the Indian subcontinent, these sequences were initially deposited in one master basin that later was segmented during Gondwanan extensional tectonics.
Postglacial marine invasion of different terrestrial areas within the Gondwanaland during the Permian is well known, and the Permian Gondwana sediments from India are not exception to this.
He theorised the kiwi bird could have been in New Zealand since the land separated from Gondwanaland some 60 million years ago.
Biogeographic significance of the late Mesozoic and early Tertiary molluscan faunas of Seymour Island (Antarctic Peninsula) to the final breakup of Gondwanaland. In: J.
Australian and Indian lensmen discover Pilbara, which shares with India the common past of Gondwanaland
The opening pages refer to Gondwanaland and the subsequent geological history and the arrival of indigenous peoples.
The Gondwanaland Weta: family Anostostomatidae (formerly in Stenopelmatidae, Henicidae or Mimnermidae): nomenclatural problems, world checklist, new genera and species.