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a Dravidian language spoken by the Gond in south central India

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Many of the counties with high maternal deaths have advertised for jobs but no one has applied,' Gondi said.
The nearby stream where we used to source our water is dry," says Gondi.
Paper and packaging company Grupo Gondi reported on Monday that it has received COFECE (Federal Competition Commission) approval to combine its operations to form a strategic packaging alliance in Mexico with WestRock (NYSE:WRK).
But, then, the Indian state, too, is guilty of promoting violence when it supports such initiatives as Salwa Judum, which means 'Peace March' or 'Purification Hunt' in Gondi language.
Trademark greetings in the local Gondi language done, Modi got down to business.
Se reproducen los consejos del senor de Brentome, unos parrafos de las Memorias de Jean-Francois Paul de Gondi, mas conocido como el Cardenal de Retz, lector de Cayo Salustio y de Plutarco e inclinado a las conspiraciones, y de nuevo el foco se dirige a Voltaire.
Shapur I resided Roman captives in Gondi Shapur, where the skills of Romans were used in engineering work and section was called "Caesar" on the cover [19].
Gond art--murals and motifs from daily life that the Gondi people decorate their homes with--has been transferred to canvas by many artists and is now famous the world over.
Es la voz del embajador Gondi, el unico que, desenganado, critica el uso pernicioso de la piedad.
Su nivel en la sangre esta muy elevado en humanos alergicos o con parasitosis por helmintos como Necator americanus (3), Ascaris lumbricoides (3), Trichuris trichiura (4), Schistosoma mansoni (5), Trichinella spiralis (6), Fasciola hepatica (7), y por protozoos como Plasmodium falciparum (8), Plasmodium vivax (9) y Toxoplasma gondi (10).
Sections of the novel are prefaced with descriptions of little-known earthlings like hagfish or Toxoplasma gondi -- one being a creature that feels "the most total music on earth" and the other a mind-altering parasite.
Due to a shortage of trained journalists in rural areas, there are no established news sources in the local tribal languages, such as Kurukh or Gondi, each of which has more than 2 million speakers.
Transpiring two hundred and forty kilometers from the state capital Raipur in Damkasa village near Durgkondal block in Kanker District, one such initiative is being led by a seventy-year old retired teacher, Shiv Singh Anchla, who has dedicated his post-retirement life to the conservation and promotion of the Gondi language and culture.
42) Jean Francois Paul de Gondi, cardeal de Retz (1613-1679): diretamente envolvido com a Fronda e inimigo de Mazzarino, o cardeal de Retz e preso em 1652 e escapa em 1654, reconciliando-se com a corte francesa em 1662.
gondii por su forma arqueada (del griego toxon = arcos) y por el nombre vulgar del roedor en el que fue hallado, el gondi (Nicolle y Manceaux, 1908).