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a Dravidian language spoken by the Gond in south central India

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gondi in a brain tissue biopsy, although dangerous and rarely done, confirms a definitive diagnosis of CNS toxoplasmosis infection.
1570: Latin liminary poem in Guillaume Costeley, Musique; dedicated by the composer to Charles IX, with secondary dedications to Catherine de Clermont and to Albert de Gondi.
I'm also never too far from Malt Whisky Companion by Michael Jackson, the greatest expert in that field, and the memoirs of Jean Francois Paul de Gondi, cardinal de Retz, a fascinating French political personage in the 17th century.
Burrow visited India four times during 1950-66 and collected data on Parji, Kui, Kuvi, Gondi, Pengo, and Manda in central India, accompanied by Dr.
As prominent a figure as Count Philippe-Emmanuel de Gondi, commander of the king's galleys, reformed his life and sought ordination as a priest, after conversations of this kind.
Besides tutoring, Vincent also served as confessor to Madame de Gondi and later became chaplain to the galley slaves, those prisoners sentenced to labor on the galley.
soiz das gondi vijem, taiz--vit' gine 'that one killed ten bears, this one--only five' (agens marked with suffix and unmarked direct object of transitive verb) and so kulem 'that one died' (unmarked agens by intransitive verb)--s.
Polo in onore di Francesco II di Borbone-Vendome, conte di Saint-Pol (14911545), La pietra viva allude a Marie-Catherine de Pierrevive, moglie del fiorentino Antonio Gondi, il piu influente tra i banchieri e i mercanti di Lione che avevano partecipato al finanziamento della spedizione, Le tre figlie di Navarra e invece una designazione che riprende i nomi di Anna, Caterina, e Isabella, nate dal matrimonio di Giovanni duca di Albret (1470-1516) con Caterina di Foix (1483-1517), che gli aveva portato in dote la corona di Navarra.
The largest "stateless" linguistic minorities in India are Bhili Boro, Dogri, Gondi, Ho, Konkan, Kurukh/Oraon, Mundari, Sindhi, Santali and Tulu (Weiner 1989:43-47).
Narasimha Gondi, President and CEO, Object Technology Solutions, Inc.
Tenders are invited for Construction of Gondi Main canal and distributaries earthwork, lining, structures and flow measurement devices in Shivamogga District of Karnataka State, India.
Entering people's homes, she talks with them in Hindi, Gondi and Halbi.
Linen and cotton knitwear and carpets were exported from Iran; they were woven by dependent artisans in castle factories belonging to large feudal lords and by self-employed artisans in cities (such as Ctesiphon, Gondi Shapur, Hamedan, Estakhr, Nishapur, and Rayy) [14].
The books written in Gondi dialect were recovered in a recent raid at a Maoist camp in Abujhmad forest.
82) Gondi de Joigny joined the Oratorians after his wife died.