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a Dravidian language spoken by the Gond in south central India

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In U-15 quarterfinal, Humam defeated Gondi Rohan 3-1.
Testifying before a five-judge bench, Dr Gondi said the guidelines had opened an opportunity for untrained people in backstreet clinics to carry out abortions on request, and the ministry felt further consultations were required.
One such language is Gondi, which is spoken by nearly 12 million indigenous people in six Indian states.
"Some passengers sustained minor burn injuries and were discharged after first aid treatment in a hospital, while Umesh, 28, and Gondi Devi, 90, who received major burns are undergoing treatment," he said.
Winners of the young adult unpublished novels category were Ahmad Shehata (Jabal Al-Khorafat); Ghamar Mahmoud (Babel's Mirror); Kauther al Gondi (Seren's Notebook); Moneera al Darwai (It is not a condition to be a superhero to succeed) and Nasr Sami (Al-Taer Al-Bashari).
In ancient Persia, Jews made gondi, a chickpea and meat dumpling--served every Friday night, notes Reyna Simnegar, author of Persian Foodfi-om the Non-Persian Bride.
Phillip, 27, has just opened the Gondi Lifestyle Salon in Rhiwbina, Cardiff.
Milstein, Joanna, The Gondi: Family Strategy and Survival in Early Modern France, Farnham, Ashgate, 2014; hardback; pp.
Madhavi Latha Marupudi [1], Srinivasa Rao Gondi [2], Venkata Sesha Sai Krishna Manne [3], Surendranath Yalavarti [4]
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 29, 2016-Grupo Gondi wins COFECE approval to form a strategic packaging alliance with WestRock in Mexico
In the words of the Frenchman Paul de Gondi, "in a major matter no details are small." And, as to real property, the devil is in the details.
But, then, the Indian state, too, is guilty of promoting violence when it supports such initiatives as Salwa Judum, which means 'Peace March' or 'Purification Hunt' in Gondi language.
Trademark greetings in the local Gondi language done, Modi got down to business.
Shapur I resided Roman captives in Gondi Shapur, where the skills of Romans were used in engineering work and section was called "Caesar" on the cover [19].