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a member of a formerly tribal people in south central India

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Giving breakup, they said a total of 11,457 tonnes of offal was buried in Jam Chakro landfill, while another 19,746 tonnes of offal was disposed of in Gond Pas landfill.
They tortured him for hours," victim's father Lalan Gond said in his written complaint to the police.
According to Gond, the construction of shops in the area adjoining the temple has limited the space for trees under which taziyas were made for years.
The indigenous Gond community will soon have their own dictionary and a standard script.
Sajnani confirmed that the PC-I for the project had been approved by the competent authority.He said the PC-I for scientific improvement of the landfill sites at Gond Pass and Jam Chakro showed an estimated cost of Rs1.1 billion and required a year to complete after all the formalities, including the tendering process, got completed.
Later, the adviser Yoko Watanabe along with SSWMB's officials also visited at waste landfill sites of SSWMB located at Jam Chakro and Gond areas.
* Gond ke laddu is one of the most popular delicacies enjoyed in winters.
Inspector Mewa Lal Gond says a cooking gas cylinder exploded in the restaurant on Saturday and triggered a second blast of detonators stored nearby.
One day, my uncle (pioneering Gond artist, Jangarh Singh Shyam) asked me to help fill in the colours of his paintings," he says.
Illustrated by Gond tribal artist Bhajju Shyam, from Madhya Pradesh in Central India, the traditional illustrative style and colour palate add another dimension to the story.
To be held for three consecutive days from May 1, this year's festivity will be a distinctive experience for those who gather at the Marah Land Festival Village, with the presence of two legendary women from India -- Shabna Azmi, the renowned actor-turned social worker and multifaceted personality, as the chief guest, and Daya Bhai, the Guardian Angel of Gond tribals from Madhya Pradesh as the guest of honour.
2 -- Some of the unique craft items which are on display at the exhibition are Pattachitra from West Bengal & Orissa, Gond tribal paintings on paper and cloth from Madhya Pradesh, Madhubani Painting on paper, cloth and wood from Bihar, Straw Art from West Bengal, Miniature Painting on wooden work from Rajasthan, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, Tribal Jewellery from Karnataka & Himachal Pradesh, Blue Art Pottery from Rajasthan, Leather Work from Haryana, Bead work from Rajasthan, Iron Craft from Chhattisgarh, Terracotta from Rajasthan, Leather Puppet from Andhra Pradesh.
They also examine how these spheres interact with dominant society, drawing on examples from such peoples as the Lakota and Wampanoag in the United States, the Warli and Gond in India, the Maori in New Zealand, and Mayan-descent and Zapotecas people in Mexico.